It started with a song… Have you ever heard a new song by someone and thought to yourself “Wow, what a great song” and then listened again to convince yourself you were right with your first impression. And yet again because it just feels good to listen to it? Well, I recently had that pleasure and what a delight it is! It’s not a big production number by a commercial artist, but a lovely sweet and soulful song by an independent singer/songwriter named Chris Keys. Chris is definitely someone you should keep an eye on!

This is the thrill of the independent music genre – you just never know what you will come across, but I can guarantee you that you will be delighted more often than not! Indie music truly captures the art of the song and Chris’s music takes this art to a higher level. He is a singer/songwriter from Belfast in North Ireland whose lyrics are pure poetry set to music that seems to draw you in so that you actually listen to what he is saying in his songs. There definitely is magic in the air in Northern Ireland, bringing some of the most talented singer/songwriters to the forefront of the music world and Chris Keys has emerged as one to watch!
He has many accolades to his name including being named ‘Best Male Artist’ at the MRU Music Awards in 2012, and 2013 is proving to be another stellar year for Mr. Keys. He has been compared to the likes of Jack Johnson and John Mayer among others, in his musical styling, but you can be sure, Chris Keys has a charming style all his own. He also has strong ties to the States, and recently participated in the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters Festival where he performed with Grammy award winner Nanci Griffith and was invited to return for the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters Showcase. He has performed at many well-known venues including, but not limited to The 100 Club, London; The Bluebird Café, Nashville and The Ruby Sessions, Dublin.

The song itself is called “Tonight”, just released on YouTube & SoundCloud and it is absolutely stunning. One of those songs you truly will want to hear again and again. I just wish the auto play button would work on YouTube right now! I was originally writing this blog about the first track on Chris’s recently released second EP entitled “View from a Satellite” about a song called “Under the Street Light”. I do adore this song, but for some reason I just can’t stop listening to “Tonight”. Yes, you could say I am hooked on Chris Keys’ music! Quite sure there are multiple reasons for that too! Chris draws you in with his beautiful, unpretentious lyrics and enchanting acoustics. Allowing his story to unfold in such a charming way so that you can’t wait to hear more. His musical style cannot be pinpointed to any one genre however it ranges from Alternative to Pop, Folk and Indie, all good categories if you ask me. Chris has a naturally husky voice, sort of smoky and soothing enveloping you with warmth which makes you want to listen to him again and again. His acoustics are crisp and clear never overwhelming the song itself, this is a hallmark of Chris’s musical style.

“Tonight” is one of those songs you will find yourself listening to and feeling soothed and calmed, even though at times the words are melancholy… perhaps letting you think you’ve experienced the same in your life as the story unfolds. A lovely tune whose beginning chords just let you know you are going to be smiling when it ends, even if it’s just because you like the song. Now granted, I tend to see the romance in things. I am generally drawn to the lyrics or story of the song along with the music itself. Chris delivers both each and every time! With that in mind, give his music a listen you may be surprised at how good it will make you feel! It just may make you fall in love all over again… you never know!

I hope you take the time to listen to “Tonight” and many more of Chris’s songs, I know I’ll be listening and waiting for more! It started with a song… and ended with a smile!

“Tonight” isn’t the only song by Chris Keys, there is so much more for you to hear and enjoy! It’s just currently my favorite and I hope it becomes one of yours! I look forward to hearing so much more from this talented artist in the future, I’m sure they will become new favorites to cherish. Just close your eyes and give him a listen… who knows where the song will take you!
It started with a song… and ended with a smile.

I leave you with two links to the song that inspired this blog, Tonight by Chris Keys live. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

For more information on Chris Keys and his music please visit the following links:
Chris Keys’ Music is available on iTunes:… Registered & Protected<br /> HYVR-AIRY-8QSX-OMD7

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