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It started with a song… Well, actually it started with a few songs, an entire album really! Someone recently asked me what is my favorite song written by Robb Murphy? It was a dear friend who asked, one who shares so many things, including a love of music. I didn’t realize it at that time, but this has become a most difficult question to answer. So, I explored my mind to try and find some semblance of an answer for her… this is what came from that!

In an earlier blog I wrote this: ‘About a year ago, maybe a little more than that, I found this album on iTunes. The songs are amazing. The lyrics tell a story in each and every song with the underlying theme of love… at least it is for me. The music stands on its own, simple yet breathtaking at times.’ The album is called “Take A Stand” by Robb Murphy. All of the above is true, yet, I do believe there is so much more to this singer/songwriter, perhaps even more than he realizes.

So, just who is Robb Murphy? He is one of Belfast’s finest in the singer/songwriter category to be sure. He is a master lyricist whose acoustical arrangements are exquisite in rhythm and style, always accentuating the poetry of his lyrics without overwhelming. Obviously, his expertise as a producer/engineer comes into play, bringing a unique vision to his songs. He is a poetic maestro who brings forth a graceful elegance to each line, making them just as they should be – no more, no less. Robb has been compared to such greats as Damien Rice, Tom Baxter, Ryan Adams and Jack Johnston on many occasions… lofty heights for someone to achieve, yet so accurate for this singer/songwriter. He has an uncanny ability to fuse Pop, Electronic, Folk and Rock seamlessly throughout his music transcending all genres to bring us his own unique style. He epitomizes what is known as the ‘Art of the Song’ through simply sublime lyrics and sophisticated arrangements.
Given all of this, is it no wonder I am finding it impossible to answer the simple question asked above! There are so many reasons I like one song or another at any given time. At times it is his voice, his words, what I think he is trying to say to the listener, or rather what the listener, in this case me, can take from the words. His voice is pure and honest and yet at times so much like honey and whiskey blended together, smooth and mellow, soft, almost a whisper that you know is going to open into a crescendo of beautiful words. And then, there is the intricacy of his music, always surprising. A twist you aren’t expecting. A chord change, a few notes, a trill, sometimes just a single beat. Each song different yet so similar in context at times. There is an underlying theme to his music for me. Sometimes it is the only thing I listen to and then sometimes I just can’t, my mind needs a break from the emotion. I find hope and love, whimsy and solitude sometimes all at once.

You can lose yourself in the soft tones of ‘The Breakdown’, emotionally overwhelming just by the sheer beauty of the song. ‘Further, Higher’ is whimsically hopeful, everyone needs a song like this in their life… this message. ‘On My Side’ has a timelessness about it, something everyone can relate to, bringing that warm fuzzy feeling to your being that you can’t help but smile about. And then there is ‘Love in Abundance’, this song has it all, I think, feelings we’ve all felt and the answer to them. The underlying theme being love, so easy to say or write and yet so difficult to actually understand. I find myself thinking this is what it’s all about. ‘Noises’ brings out all of the thoughts and emotions anyone has ever had or thought of. For me it is about moving on, growing and knowing it is okay. ‘I’ll Follow’, is a poignant plea for acceptance of all the things we try to hide in our lives, unpretentiously written into a song… all of those things we need to be honest about with ourselves and others. ‘What Do I Say?’ indeed a question we’ve all asked ourselves, remembering the good times. ‘When Silence Comes’… Well, I just want to dance! Can’t listen without at the very least hopping in place! If you ever see me tweet that I’m dancing or skipping through the halls … I am most likely listening to this song! It’s pure bliss, the music and the words! ‘Depths of Sea’ does the same thing… whimsy! One of those songs you can hear and just smile for the sheer enjoyment of it all. And then there is ‘Never Letting You Go’, yes, this one gets me every time. Can’t help but hope everyone has that someone in their lives.

I’m sure if you listen, you will bring your own emotions and life lessons to these songs. Yet how does one possibly choose a favorite from such wonders? And now, there is another album in the making, all of them soon to be new favorites for one reason or another… such choices! A world of sublimely elegant music to choose from… who knew life could be so rich!

There is a quote that comes to mind when I am listening to Robb Murphy – ‘Music speaks when no words can express your feelings’. His music and words speak volumes, all one needs to do is close your eyes and listen with your heart. For now I’ll leave you with a video of “What Do I Say?” from his debut album Take A Stand one I listen to a lot, but mainly because… It started with a song… and ended with a smile!

What Do I Say? ~ Robb Murphy

Just close your eyes and listen with your heart you may be completely surprised as to what you find.

Thanks for reading!


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