It started with a song… yes I know, it usually does! This isn’t about a particular song but many I’ve learned to love. It’s mainly about me and my piano, a love affair that started oh so many years ago.

I remember I was a very little girl and begged my daddy & mummy for one of those little chord organs for Christmas. I wanted to play music, I promised I would be very good and practice all of the time. I was three years old and would have promised them the world as long as I got that little organ! And on Christmas morning, Santa had indeed heard my wishes and I got that little organ. It was beautiful and a whole new world opened to me. After quickly mastering Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and of course Mary had a Little Lamb, I moved on to something more sophisticated by Christmas evening. I learned to play Claire de Lune, over and over and over again. The entire family got to hear this song whether they wanted to or not. I’m sure my parents were thinking perhaps this wasn’t the best present they could have given me, as I was very persistent in learning every song. My fingers flew over the little black and white keys and I was in heaven. I kept at it and soon knew all of the songs in the book. My daddy figured out a way to get some peace and quiet in the house, he would just remove the electrical plug. Of course I sulked and eventually got my way… three year olds can be very manipulative, or at least I was!

Not long after this eventful happening in my life, at the ripe old age of four, I began to take lessons on a real piano. My granddad had a piano at his house and I would practice every day much to his amusement I think. Learning notes and scales, learning to read music and sometimes reverting to my childlike ways playing “Chopsticks” nonstop. When I was twelve, my parents splurged and bought me my own piano, it was absolutely the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! Fortunately for them, I had learned to play much more than “Chopsticks” by then and our house was filled with classical music and old standards when I was playing. I loved the piano and as I grew so did my love of learning new songs, new styles and an appreciation for the great classics. My favourite was and still is ‘Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Variation 18’ I learned it for my mum and have played it so often since her passing when I am thinking of her.

Life goes on and circumstances change. I recently have had to learn to live without my dear friend for a while. My piano has gone on to another little girl to learn to love. I miss having this friend in my life. Something I could turn to when life was too much to bear. It has broken my heart and dashed my spirits but the memories of this lovely friend will always be there for me to take solace.

It always amazes me how good you can feel when playing and listening to music. It brings you a feeling of life and helps me to understand what love and life are all about. Music will always be a big part of my world whether I am playing or just listening as I do now. So I leave you with these lyrics and links. I hope you enjoy them!

Me and My Piano ~ Krystal Harris
so many times, i’ve been alone
i didn’t know what to do
i don’t know where i’d be if i didn’t have,
i didn’t have you yeah
you comfort me, make me believe, give me the strength i need
since you came into my life it’s been so heavenly

me and my piano
it’s all me and my piano

so many things i wanna say to you
just because
you came around and gave me, all your, all your love
and i would sacrifice my very life
all you have to do is say the word
cause there would never be no other
no other yeah

me and my piano
it’s all i wanna do, it’s all i play . . .

Me and My Piano

and a little thing I learned to play called “Angels Are Sleeping” Nothing spectacular but I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my musings about my old friend, just remember…
It started with a song…
….. and ended with a smile!
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