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There is no other way to explain the art of dancing except that it started with a song. Yes, it truly does. Whether it is the song in your heart or the music you are listening to dancing is an extension of this song. Dance is an age old mystery of the heart, a healing ritual of life, where your heart beats to the rhythm of music and your body naturally follows. I love to dance. It is an extension of life for me. Something that allows me to express the joy within me, or the love I am feeling at the moment. I remember dancing in my granddads pub as a little girl. Just me, dressed in a pretty dress with shiny shoes to whatever was playing on the jukebox at the time. And I remember feeling so happy just being me, oozing with joy as the music flowed through my veins. My own true happiness, allowing my spirit to take flight and soar.

As we grow older, dance takes on a new meaning. There is something so special about sharing a dance with another person. My parents had this gift, they danced through life to the music of their souls, together. Music was always playing in our house, Nat King Cole was a favourite of my mums and “Unforgettable” was their song. The world stopped in place as they danced to this. And I remember thinking I want that! The special dance of my soul with the love of my life. Every Saturday evening my parents had the same ritual on their way to dance. It was always something extraordinary to see, my mum was a tiny woman, her make-up and hair perfect in a dress of sheer elegance; my dad, all tall dark and handsome dressed in suit and tie; each drifting together and dancing with the loves of their lives. It truly was a thing of beauty to watch them dance.

We all remember those special dances of our lives. The first slow dance as a teenager, so nervous, palms sweaty, hoping you didn’t make a mistake. Dancing with friends to the music of the day… just for the sheer pleasure of it. That first dance with the man (or woman) of your dreams – something you will never forget. Odds are you remember that song, where you were and what you wore… and it will always hold a special place in your heart. As life goes on, one day you might marry and there are two special dances that day… both with the men of your dreams. The father – daughter dance is always a poignant part of the reception and with my daddy it was something special. He was just out of hospital the night before, and I honestly did not think it would come to be. I remember being more scared about this dance than actually taking my vows. But it was so beautiful to share that one special dance with him. The song was one I’d heard a thousand times ~ Unforgettable. And a bit later, in the marriage ritual I danced with my new husband to Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me another special song. A song that made my soul sing with the love of my life.

Since then there have been many dances with different songs. Some of them soft and slow, and others full of life and joy. Some solitary dances, just to unleash the music in my soul. To this day, you’ll often find me dancing for joy of the little things, just because it makes me happy. I love all kinds of dance, disco, pop, salsa, slow, fast it really doesn’t matter to me as long as there is music to dance to. There are many quotes about dancing that speak to this subject, but the one I am most fond of is this: “Dance is the hidden music of your soul.” ~ Martha Graham.

So much more can be written on the subject of dancing, and I’m sure it has. For now dear reader I’ll leave you with these two songs… The first is a song I currently listen to and always find myself dancing happily to the music in my soul regardless of where I am. It gives me joy! The song is called “The Mysteries of the Heart” by Robb Murphy. It is a Live Demo from his upcoming album and my current happy dance, something that always makes me smile! The second is a song called “Dance with Me” an instrumental piano piece played by yours truly!

These are two special songs in my life right now… I’d love to know yours. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as much as I do.

The Mysteries of the Heart ~ Robb Murphy

Dance with Me

And yes, my dance always starts with a song…. and ends with a smile.
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  1. Music is always on and often I dance but sometimes only tap my toes.
    Currently Robb Murphy’s Noises is an everyday happy, dance tune. I love his music!
    And some slow dances the past few days, Crazy ~ Patsy Cline, Are You Lonesome Tonight ~ Elvis, Someone to Watch Over Me ~ Rod Stewart.
    No one to dance with though 🙁

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