It started with a song, many songs actually in the Celtic tradition. A genre evolving from the folklore, musical traditions and mythology of the Celtic People. While not wholly traditional in type, the music I am writing about would be considered New Age, although I believe it to be a type of Celtic Fusion as the ethereal beauty captured in song always brings to mind visions of the Celts mysticism & magic. It is otherworldly and memorable, with layers of voice and music in each song.

I came across this beautiful voice on iTunes in the recent past. A suggestion at the bottom of something I was considering buying, you know the one…. “Listeners also bought”, which I sometimes click on just to find something new. And there it was, this beautiful song called “The Parting”. A pure angelic voice singing of love lost and never returning, layered in song. My immediate choice was now forgotten and I quickly downloaded this album, not being able to wait through the previews before purchase! The lyrics are poetry regaling love and loss in the Celtic tradition. A thing of beauty relaying the story of a lover’s leaving…

The Parting
By Caitlin Grey/Neil Harvey, Copyright 2008

I am gone, far away
You are night, I am day
Take my heart in your hand
Suffer no more, oh my young man.

Told a tale, told it well
Silent eyes never tell
Though my heart, I did deceive
Suffer no more, to live and grieve

Many suns rise and set
And our love, so ill met
Whispered words on the breeze
Black as your heart are my tears

I am gone, far away
You are night, I am day
No farewell, take no vow
Suffer no more, to love me now.

Do not wait here for me
I shall not come where you be
Stay no more, winds grow cold
Black as your heart is my soul

The singer/songwriter of this stunning song and collection of inspiring music is Caitlin Grey and the album is entitled Sirens’s Song. She is a mezzo-soprano with an exquisitely powerful voice which evoking timelessness and a dreamlike quality through her music.

The following is noted on her website: “Caitlin’s vocal repertoire is impressive, ranging from classical to traditional folk and pop, and heavily influenced by the Celtic tradition. With strong family roots from Ireland and Wales, the melodies and themes of Caitlin’s music conjure up the dramatic landscapes and wild coastlines of her ancestral homelands, as well as the richness of her Celtic heritage.” For me, her voice and music is reminiscent to that of Enya and Loreena McKennit; calling forth the mystery and enchantment of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Siren’s Song covers many different qualities of Celtic Folklore in its songs. The gypsies, love lost and abandoned, paganism, traditions of folk song, the spirits, sorrow, the beauty of these isles and of course a song of the sea. The lyrics are gifted and the music itself is varied giving the listener a gift of song to enjoy. I so enjoy listening to these otherworldly songs which bring to mind memories of time spent in the Celtic countries as well as dreams of spirits and love. They are calming and evocative, a simple pleasure to behold. Below is a listing of the tracks on this very impressive album defining the human spirit for all of our ears to hear! I listen to them quite often and can’t help but hope to hear more of this lovely spirit of song…

A Siren’s Song
1. Siren’s Song
2. The Romany
3. Star of the Sea
4. Briochan’s Theme
5. My Spirit
6. The Parting
7. Lark of the Morning
8. Eternal Spirit
9. Rhiannon’s Lament
10. Under the Western Sky
11. Where Is My Love
12. The Homecoming

I leave you now with a video for the “The Parting”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. With songs like this, a lover’s abandonment is a bit easier on the heart.

Caitlin Grey ~ The Parting

Goodbye for now dear reader, as always, it started with a song… and ended with a smile!
I hope you’re smiling now too!

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  1. As is often the case, your words dear Annie, leave me with few. Your warmth and generosity of spirit, know no bounds. Caitlin’s music and voice, is indeed a gift, we think she’s great! As we do, with you too, dear lady. Friend to all & joy to many. Might you continue doing what you do, with a love in your heart for others, that makes it more than a pleasure to know you. Humbly, your servant Garlan *bows low*

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