It started with a song…. for many it starts with a symptom and then a diagnosis. Cancer. A terrible thing to hear no matter what your age. One word that can strike fear in anyone’s heart without regard to age, place or time in this world we all live in. But there is another word, it is HOPE. Without Hope all is lost, and for me music definitely is Hope and sometimes my salvation. I know this as I am living with both words in my heart. Music brings healing to what ails you, it brings Hope, it soothes your soul.

A few months ago I happened to stumble upon a song by a lovely woman whose voice is a force to be listened to ~ Kaz Hawkins. The song itself is called ‘I’m Gonna Run’, a song of Hope, for Charity, and yes, for Cancer. Ms. Hawkins wrote and dedicated this song as a Cancer Focus Charity Song & Video for Cancer Focus Northern Ireland; for more details on this charity fund please check out their website: Some very amazing things are happening there! I hope you will take the time to browse a bit, you just don’t know what you might find!

Kaz Hawkins is a Singer/Songwriter with a powerful Bluesy voice from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is unique in many ways, her voice alone will blow you away making you remember the great divas of song like Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Night, Janis Joplin…. They are forces of nature, as is Kaz Hawkins. She makes you believe in what she is saying through her music, as she believes in the power of music herself. You really need to give her a listen! I promise you will not be disappointed. Someday I hope to have the opportunity to hear her live… just listening to recordings gives me the chills! I truly believe we will be hearing more from this amazing songstress in the very near future.

But back to the song… it stunned me when I first listened to it. I felt compelled to listen again and again. Personally this song gave me inspiration to Hope. Most of the music I listen to now has this effect. But this one was special, it gave meaning to the fight, to the world of chemotherapy and all of the effects that come along with it. The thought of running, or someone running for you to help in the fight of a disease, gave my fight a reason. So I listened, and listened again. And although I cannot run right now, it gave my mind ease to know that there are people out there who are running. And someday, soon I hope, I shall do the same.

There are many people fighting battles in this world, physically, mentally & emotionally. We all need someone to run for us until we can do this for ourselves again. It is a comfort and it is Hope. Music itself and this song in particular have given me many gifts. Courage to keep on fighting. Faith in myself and the human spirit, as well as the ability to love the life I have been given. What a great gift this is.

For now dear reader I leave you with this video by Kaz Hawkins. May you always have Hope to fight the battles of your life with the courage, faith & love that music inspires in each of us…
Kaz Hawkins ~ I’m Gonna Run

For more information about Kaz Hawkins and her amazing music please check out the following websites:


And yes, this truly did start with a song… and definitely ended with a smile! Thank you for reading!

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  1. So honest, so raw, so emotional and yet filled with so much life and hope.
    You ability to take your feelings through the mind into words and around to music is wonderful.
    My heart goes out to you and travels with you my friend. <3

  2. I’m so touched by your words Annie & have passed this on to The charity who will be so grateful for your words.. Bless you for sharing your words & it means the world that the message touched you 😉 xx peace &I love from Northern Ireland xx

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