i need you

It started with a song, deep within my soul as the dance began. An ancient ritual, a joining of bodies and souls, hearts and minds. A distant echo calling forth all that is and was, as we lay entwined dancing to the music only we can hear. A contradiction of pleasure and pain. Passion. Desire. Love… it can consume you.

Do you know…

When we kiss
The world starts spinning
And for a moment
My heart skips a beat
A catch in my throat
And I can breathe again

I want to continue
Living in this spinning world
Of kisses
And missing beats
In your arms
Warmed by your love
As the world floats away
And I am lost
Once again in your love

Do you know…
The synchronized beating
Of our hearts
When we lay together
Drumming through my body
As a question
And then an answer
An age old mystery
Revealed in passion
The harmony of love

I want to remain here
Alive in this mystery
Of wanting and need
Until the world goes silent
And the beat of my heart
Becomes a glowing orb
As I disintegrate
Into the fire of passion

Do you know…
That I love you
Deep inside my soul
I crave your touch
Upon my skin
In the wee hours of the morning
Dusted with moonlight
As our hunger is sated
Rough yet gentle
Your needs are mine

I lay waiting
Desire coursing through my veins
For the touch of your body
As I rise to meet you
And I am home once more
Spellbound by this act of love
As you shatter my reality
With your need

For now I’ll leave you with a song by Damien Rice called Volcano. A song of desire, love, passion & wanting. All become an integral part of the ancient ritual we dance to…

Volcano ~ Damien Rice

As always, it started with a song…
…..and ended with a smile.


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