It started with a song… a song about the snow, bringing visions of the holidays and cold frostiness. The song was initially a gift, some music I’d been given to play. I think it may be relevant to use it with this blog. I will admit I’m no longer a big fan of snow, it’s become more of a job or concern, rather than something to play in. But a part of me is still a child at heart, and watching snowflakes dance down from the sky is a wondrous thing.

Snowflakes are unique, each one taking on a different shape and size, a personality all of their own. Special in their own little way. My friends are the same, each special and unique, with talents so impressive, I don’t believe even they realize their worth. I hope someday they will understand how amazing they are to me. Sure we all have our little faults or failures, none of us are perfect. What fun would there be if we were? But sometimes, faults are talents as well, we may not appreciate them at the time, but later on their meaning may surprise us. Even snowflakes are flawed, they melt… fortunately for me friendships do not! Sure some melt into the distant past, but they all give some meaning to my life.

Last night I was staring out the window watching the snowflakes fall and drift to the ground and decided to go outside for a bit. I stood on the deck thinking of the holidays, worrying that I haven’t started shopping and a kind of peace settled into me as I listened to the silence of the snow. Watching the flakes dance around me to a music only they could hear I realized that I’ve been given the best gifts of all. The cares and worries of the day subsided and I knew somehow I would get everything done. Silly isn’t it, to think that snowflakes could change my whole outlook? But they did!

The gifts I have been given are these friendships, each astonishing and unique. They make me whole, they fill me with joy and allow me to laugh and just be myself. A very rare thing in my life right now. Some are close by and others far away in geography, but they are always close in my heart… no matter the distance. I owe a lot to these friends, they care enough to listen… to understand without judgment. They are the snowflakes of my life drifting in with bits of wisdom and tons of joy. Of course, we all have problems and pain, but without each other, I think our lives would be a vast cold tundra with no escape.

After my brief interlude outside, it was absolutely frigid out there, I sat down in my nest of blankets and wrote down these thoughts…

drift softly
from skies above
like feathers
from angel’s wings

the starlight twinkles
a valley of diamonds
a nocturnal fantasy
serenity beckons
a whisper
a prayer
peace in the land
a moment
no more

a dreamscape
with each tiny flake
a vision
so calming
i’ll stay here
and wait

the sunrise
it beckons
with a rosy glow
blushing softly
on drifts
of new dunes of snow

some footprints
have fallen
in this ocean
of white
a path
to harmony
as the world
is waking

friends call softly
simple blisses
nature’s cleansing
the day’s gone bright
on the midnight snow

These words by no means convey the love in my heart for these friendships, nor can this song I am posting. Just know in your hearts that I am truly grateful for knowing you. I wish for you the peace I found during this snowfall, an intangible offering, but one I hope will find its way to you.

Thank you for the joy of you which you give so freely. You are the songs in my life and I am truly smiling.

Happy Holidays!

annie Registered & Protected HYVR-AIRY-8QSX-OMD7


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  2. Such a beautiful sentiment! Friends are truly the glue that hold my life together. Like the snow you speak of, always around me, reminding me of the wonder and joy in life.
    Thank you for sharing it.

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