dancing at night

It started with a song… one I found through a random search a while back, where one thing led to another. There was something that caught my soul in this song, the dance of a life, a love. Something old and new, of wanting and longing… the yearning for that one true love of your life. It reminded me of the magic of love and a song that may end all too quickly.

The song is called “The Happiness Waltz” by Josh Rouse and is the title track on his newest endeavor released in March of this past year. Josh Rouse is a talented singer songwriter currently living in Spain who’s been around for quite some time. With ten albums to his name, he has been lauded as the creator of ‘little slices of heaven’ something that will capture your spirit and heart at once. His music opens new windows to a world of magical lyrics and acoustic genius. If you want to feel good about love and life itself, give his music a listen. It will be time well spent.

So, I wrote this little bit while listening…

The elusive memory
A movement in my mind
Of dancing
In a dream
Following you
Holding tight

Limbs entwined
Hearts beating as one
For a brief moment
I know what love is
A waltz to happiness
In your arms

As the world falls away
And we sway
To the music
In our realm
No human notion
Can change my affection

As we spin
Through each passage
Desire lifting my spirit
To new heights
Caught in this dream
Forever in your arms

I leave you now with the video to “The Happiness Waltz” Let your mind take flight for dancing is just dreaming with your feet! I hope this brings a smile…

Josh Rouse – “The Happiness Waltz” Official Video

Always remember….
It started with a song…
.. and ended with a smile!

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