There is always hope. I tell myself this often, just to chase away the fear embedded in my mind when the day is done. The night is a lonely time as I wander around the quiet house, restless with my thoughts and the dark. Artificial light shines brightly, but is no match for the brilliance of sunlight. But then the morning comes, the sun peaks through the horizon and hope begins to smile down upon me once again.

And morning comes
With all its light
To break the darkness
In my world

The pain subsides
As warmth embraces
The hidden corners
Of my self

I leave bleak thoughts
In their place
A bubble of anguish
Gone for now

And I can rest
My weary soul
Daylight brings
A sense of calmness

The fears of night
Go quietly hidden
My heart beats
Softly in time

As breathing slows
And I’m still here
The new day knows
My secrets

I leave you with this video, Morning Song by Zero 7.


It started with a song…
.. and ended with a smile.

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