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It started with a song so many years ago it is difficult to remember. The music of my soul, the music that is me began long before I was a thought or a whisper. It just was. And now, I wonder where this music will go when I am no longer? Will someone still sing the song of me? Will my song be remembered? These are questions I think of when the day goes quiet and all that is left is the soft sounds of my heart softly beating the song of my soul. A melody all my own telling my story to those who dare to listen. Such strange thoughts you may be thinking… Why ponder what will happen when I am still a part of this world we live in? But I do question such things, today more than ever.

I once believed my song would always be a part of the world, carried on the breath of the wind when I am long gone. A whisper that told the universe ‘I am here’. But now I question if this will be so. Complications of life falling apart bit by bit have taken these thoughts and twisted them so that I now question what is real and what never was. I’ve spent the last 3 days going to funerals or viewings. It is too much to bear when you watch friends lose their fights for life, never knowing when you will lose yours. I sit in the back of the church remembering the beauty of these dear friends. Crying silently for what once was and wishing that I did not have to attend one more of these events. I have one more funeral tomorrow morning. Will I make it through the day? The music that is essential to me, to my being here on this planet seems to be slowly ebbing away, as one by one those that I love take the notes of their lives with them. Will my song live on as I believe theirs will? I know I will remember their songs and I will sing their sweet melodies in my soul, but who will be there when I am not?

The vibrations of life are what give us our composition, it is essential to our very existence and something to cherish and give to others who touch our lives. I am hoping I have given enough notes of my song to the world around me that someone remembers my song. I’m guessing only the wind will know. Is it enough? Who knows?

I know that I am blessed by these dear friends I’ve lost, and more often by those who are still with me. They are the music that fills my life and I can’t imagine a more beautiful gift. They are hope and essential to keep me moving in the right direction. Sure, the past few days have been challenging however, I know I will survive one more. Sometime we just need to let our souls sing through the bad stuff to get on to the good.

I leave you know with two songs I listen to quite often. Sometimes they make me cry, but then again I remember how lucky I am for all of the different and unique music in my life… what a choir you are! The first is called “Quarter to Forever” by Tina Dico. A sweet acoustic song that sings of life and how we deal with its stresses.

Quarter to Forever – Tina Dico

The second is called “I Will Be Blessed” by Ben Howard. This one always catches me up short as I wonder who will be there to hear my song. Give them a listen. Let me know what you think. Would really love to hear what your music is!

I Will Be Blessed – Ben Howard

And remember, it started with a song (in this case two!)…
And ended with a smile!


For more about Tina Dico and her music, please visit her website at:

For more about Ben Howard and his music visit his website:

Both are definitely worth looking into!

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  1. Woman-~~~~
    Yes your song will be remembered….
    In your blogs, in your poetry, in the ever present twitterverse, in Grimney,
    in the souls of all who you touch – they are many,
    and in the star dust, as it keeps songs of everyone who shares their joy with the rest of us.
    Also in my heart, which you have snuck into from afar, and stir up with your beautiful poetry, amazing eclectic music choices and brightness of spirit. Reminding me of what a fabulous life we have the honor of living. Not to worry if I go before you, and I may, as I suspect I am much older than you are. Still no worry because my heart is held by the many people I love, and will live on in them.
    Keep on writing my friend… Hugs to help you through these difficult times.

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