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It started with a song… a song that always reminds me that we all need to believe in our dreams no matter what. It’s a beautiful song with a gorgeous melody “I Still Believe” by Daniel Pearson from his second solo album titled “Mercury State”. Poignant lyrics set to music which allows the listener to feel melancholy yet hopeful at the same time. It isn’t the only song I listen to by this singer – songwriter but perhaps it stands out most because it simply compels you to listen. After a tough day at work, when things haven’t gone as planned and I feel as if there is nothing left, this song allows me to believe that it’s okay as I make my long commute home. Somehow these lyrics allow me to believe in my dreams, however farfetched they may seem at the time.

Nevertheless, enough about me and my drive time musings; the question I ask myself today is “Who is Daniel Pearson?” It seems he is many things, but mainly an extremely talented musician who has been lauded as the “recession generations Bob Dylan”, a “captivating talent” with “staggering promise”. He is all of these things and much more. As the song “I Still Believe” implies in the lyrics, Daniel Pearson has paid his dues. He’s been around for quite some time and is a veteran of bands (rock and punk genres to be exact) prior to spreading his wings as a solo artist. His debut album, “Satellites” brought to the forefront his unique abilities as a singer – songwriter, with critics comparing him to a young Ryan Adams… possibly the reason I was drawn to his music at the start. “Waves in the Sea” from his debut album happens to be another favourite of mine. I love the idea that we are all like “waves in the sea”. Another emotional song that makes you stop and think about what you may have lost in this dismaying world, only to realize that there is someone who will be there for you.

Mr. Pearson is surely a voice of these trying times when nothing is stable economically or socially. His music receives regular airplay in the UK where he was born and raised along with stations in Europe, Australia and the United States. He has toured extensively promoting his music both at home and abroad. Reviews of his music are glowing in nature, often applauding him as a new talent in the Independent Music scene. While I have no doubt that he would survive as a rising star should he choose to go with a larger label, I admire his artistic independence to maintain a growing career as an Indie artist for all of the right reasons. He has a growing fan base through the auspices of social media which he interacts with regularly. He’s toured with the likes of Michael Kiwanuka, One Night Only, The Bluetones, Lucy Rose, Willy Mason and Josephine, as well as headlining himself. His second solo album has brought new comparisons for this man; that of a socially conscious troubadour likened to Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. Perhaps it should be said Daniel Pearson is a voice to be reckoned with by young and old alike. His message will certainly raise your awareness of the world around you, if you just listen.

I look forward to hearing more from this artist, and I’m sure we will soon! He’s currently in the studio working on new material, so keep your ears open. In an age of Reality TV and superfluous stardom, Daniel Pearson stands out as an indie artist with staying power and one I can’t wait to hear more from.

I leave you now with two songs by Daniel Pearson… “Waves in the Sea” from Satellites and “I Still Believe” from Mercury State. Please, give them a listen! Once you do, I’m positive you’ll want to hear more from this artist so just follow the links!

Daniel Pearson – Waves In The Sea

Daniel Pearson – I Still Believe

Just remember, It started with a song…
.. and ended with a smile!


For more on Daniel Pearson and his music, please visit the following links:

Website: http://danielpearson.net/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SITCrecords

Twitter: https://twitter.com/daniel_pearson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielpearsonfb?ref=br_tf

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