It started with a Tweet… a Tweet about a song nonetheless! It’s true, just a bit over a year ago twitter spawned a friendship from across the world. The tweet itself involved a song that has become a favorite of mine for many reasons, although it will always hold a special place in my heart for the friendship it created. Nothing really spectacular was involved in the tweet or its response. It was an observation, simply “We seem to like the same type of music…” responded by, “Yes, we do.” Harmless words but ones I will never forget. This same happenstance has occurred over and over and I’m almost positive it has materialized in your twitter feed, or on your Facebook wall. The simple definition of a ‘Social Network’ provided by the Oxford Dictionary is: “a network of social interactions and personal relationships”; but it can really mean much more than that.

I am basically a shy person, timid most times, an introvert if you please. A shameful thing some tell me, but it’s difficult to change ones spots it seems! I’m cautious and fearful of sharing my feelings with others and can be very skeptical because of this. My husband, who can be quite gregarious, often tells me I am too sensitive for my own good. He’s probably right about this, as I seem to find fault in myself more often than not. This may seem odd, since I am writing this blog for all the world to read (well, maybe not the world, but some people do!!) However, for the most part, we’ve all lived this scenario in one way or another. One day you take a leap of faith, comment on a post or a tweet and someone responds or favorites your comment. And you think to yourself, “okay, that wasn’t so bad!” Days pass by, messages are exchanged and chatting begins. Some of life’s pleasures and pains are revealed, a bond is formed and you begin to trust this other person. At some point you realize these friends have become exceedingly important in your life. You are grateful for these people who were once strangers and are now essential parts of your life. You can’t imagine what your life might be without them. And you worry for them, knowing that they, at some point in their daily thoughts, are thinking of you. What an amazing mystery these online relationships are… They are a gift to cherish, somewhat like pen pals were before the internet became a regular part of our daily lives.

But back to the story at hand, you may be wondering what song sparked this incredible friendship. It started with a song called “What Do I Say?” Indeed a question I ask myself often as words seem to be difficult for me to speak… it is much easier for me to write than speak at any given moment. I am quite capable of hiding in plain sight, writing is my safety net. The singer – songwriter who produced this delightful music is Robb Murphy. (You may have read a bit about him in an earlier blog post or two! 😉 ) “What Do I Say?” was released as single and an official video in February of 2013. Just a year has passed but a lifelong friendship has transpired because of it. It is the third single released from his debut album, “Take A Stand”. The “B” side of this single release is a song called “The Breakdown”… it happens to be one of the most stunning songs I have heard and one that I can relate to because of many events that have occurred in my life these past few months. But that’s another story for another time, I’m not quite ready to release those thoughts and feelings just yet (or this would become a very long blog post!)

You may be wondering what the point of my rambling may be. It is this… online friendships can surprise you. They take you in, they make you feel whole and comforted and loved. I don’t doubt that we all have experienced this same scenario in the world of social networks. I also believe that no matter what, these special people will always be there for me, cheering me on through the trials and tribulations of my life, imparting wisdom and love so that I will make it through to the next day. Some of you may recognize yourselves in this blog, others may not. But for all of you, I am truly grateful to have met you and rich beyond measure for the many treasures you have given me.

To the dear friends that have become so essential to me, the last line of the song says it all…. “…You save my life, you…” So, I leave you now with the video of “What Do I Say?” by Robb Murphy. Listen to the lyrics, you may find bits of yourself in them, especially if you are shy like me. I hope you enjoy it!

Robb Murphy – What Do I Say? [Official Music Video]

Just remember,
It started with a song…
.. and ended with a smile!


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