It started with a song… well really it didn’t, it was a conversation about music though. A ‘quiet trumpet’ someone said… and for the life of me all I could think was that this was an oxymoron. When one thinks of the word trumpet, quietness is not something that generally comes to mind.

Trumpets are hallmarked as one of the oldest musical instruments known to mankind. Historically, they have been recognized as far back as 1500 BC. They are lovely, simple instruments and notably the smallest and highest pitched of the brass family. The sound is produced by blowing air through closed lips, producing a “buzzing” sound that starts a vibration inside the trumpet. I believe it takes real talent to play such a simply constructed instrument, of three stem valves and a coil of brass ending in a flared bell shape. There’s something about a trumpet’s sound that awakens your senses with each specific note. Quite simply, they produce a bright, resonant, penetrating tone which can be emotional in its effortlessness. I love the rich, sultry sound trumpets produce, bringing to mind the solitude of Taps, the heat of summer’s passion or the joy of someone announcing to the world, “I am here” in a triumphant fanfare. Trumpets, and more importantly, trumpet players can be amazingly sensual with their graceful segues from one note to another. I could go on rambling about lovely trumpets but instead will share a few thoughts that come to mind on the phrase a ‘quiet trumpet’…

A quiet trumpet
Plays softly
Across the room
Asking questions

With its call
A squeak of joy
To chase away
Your gloom

A quiet trumpet
Delicately held
The player’s notes
A song to meld

It blared
Then squawked
Perhaps it’s really
Only blocked?

A quiet trumpet
Bleating notes
Amidst the words
The singer quotes

All brass
And gleam
A lover’s dream

A quiet trumpet
Gently played
Not long
But whispered coyly

In this song
Of love and lust
Sometimes I wonder
Why the fuss?

A quiet trumpet
David blows
How he does it
No one knows

A whine of sweet notes
This song has ended
Liquid dreams
Have been appended

Silly musings maybe, but I hope you enjoy them!

I leave you now with a short film adaptation of the song “On My Side” from the debut album “Take A Stand” by Robb Murphy. The trumpet is an integral part of this pop ballad (something you can’t often say!) David Bennington, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, is the trumpet player of note, and is simply superb throughout. I hear a new album is in the making, can’t wait to hear what surprises it brings!

This song and video truly capture the art of the song, so please, enjoy!

Robb Murphy – Short Film adaption on the song On My Side

Until the next time…

It started with a song…
..and ended with a smile!


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