While going through the past years musings and music, I realized I hadn’t posted this when it was originally written. It’s a bit of imaginative writing on the Land of Grimney and a silly, wee poem… Originall written in April 2014 and guest posted on Gongle Shanks’ blog:  gongle22: An upside down view of the world



Hear ye, hear ye, come one, come all…. It’s time for mystical excursion to begin. It started with a dream… a fantasy really. Escape to a kingdom that is only limited by your imagination, whose story is what you bring to it, as you interact with the different characters. It is a collaborative effort of a literary unreality, shaped byits many citizens creating a bounty of beauty for the world to behold. It is quite simply, the Land of Grimney, which brings about the feeling of a new renaissance in our sometimes bleak landscape we call earth. Minstrels, troubadours, bards, poets, magicians, faeries, gypsies and wizards uniting to bring your fantasies to life, in a virtual world where everyone can partake in the mystery. Visit as often as you’d like, partake in the revelry. It is a simulated stage to realize all of the wonder of your aspirations while your fantasy takes shape.

Within this fantasy, an open platform is being created for all manners of magic and artistry to stream live in real time. This is “Voice Box Live”. A place for music and art of all varieties to take center stage and perform to the twitter-verse. It might be said that mere humans cannot comprehend a fantasy such as this, but perhaps we can. All we need to do is follow our dreams and let the magic begin.

I give you this poem to start you on your way. The characters are purely magical and will help you on your journey through the illusions that await you.

It started with a dream
Of shiny things
Like diamonds in the night
Sparkling hither and yon
Ever so bright

Dearest Grimnian has spoken
Our minds will remain open
To Music, words and
Perhaps an artsy thing
Because Kara Janina knows the king

Morton Balthus he does slither
From the sea to say on Twitter
Please follow us
We’ll make a fuss
Come on now & please don’t dither

GarlanGlave he was a buzz
As the bees brought forth their honey
To the masses
This was money
From the knight he once was

WendelSparsett was the Mayor
Of the town of Dingle
He hid inside
With gold and such
His home it was a jingle

Now Gongle Shanks
Who walked on hands
And giggled at the lasses
Wee AnMarie, his girl of course
Ignored when he made passes

Young Meadow Dragon
Lost her heart
To every young squire singing
She ironed shirts near Dingle town
Her ears they must be ringing

A lovely little yellow lass
GarliTreome by name was she
Her heart was where
The moon beams glowed
Near the sea and Aphrodite

A handsome man
Named Simon Turkas
Who lived on Lanzarote
Drank coffee with the natives
And came to join this circus

The Miss UrsulaLygarlis
A sprite so charming she
Spread Enchantments
On the natives
And did this all for free

Killgin Stark the newest
To join this Grimney land
À votre santé
His tweets demand
Some wine from those he fosters

So welcome to Mine Eye
And Voice Box to be sure
All creatives
You should seek it out
It’s filled with such allure

Just open your mind for the Land of Grimney anticipates your fantasies…

And now I leave you with two videos. The first is by Caitlin Grey titled “Siren’s Song” , the second is called “Inner Realms” by Richard Maddock. These songsevoke a timeless feeling, harkening days gone by, as well as what is to come…. much like the Land of Grimney and soon to be seen Voce Box Promotions.

Siren’s Song ~ Caitlin Grey

Inner Realms ~ Richard Maddock

For now dear readers I bid you adieu. Just remember this time it started with a dream… and surely you will smile in the Land of Grimney.


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