Allow me to introduce to you an exceptional singer-songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland… Wullae Wright. He’s a solo musician who has been around since 1999, who began recording his own material in 2003. He has released two self-produced EP’s and five albums along the way. The latest album is entitled “The Orange Line”; which Wullae has described as a ‘personal journey’, looking back from whence he came and polishing these songs into an extraordinary creation of musical enlightenment. “The Orange Line” is a simple, uncomplicated album by Wullae’s standards, being simply guitar, bass and vocal oriented. His creations give us insight into his life experience, his world and the social themes that surround him. He describes his style as being indie rock based, however, he is more than capable of seguing into electronic, folk and any other genre he sees fit to get his musical message across! His musical influences are varied and include the likes of Radiohead, Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics, Bloc Party and Martin Grech. As well as others including Nine Inch Nails, Soulwax, Elbow, Muse, Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis to name but a few. Quite a diverse group which is what allows Wullae Wright to reach out to many with his unique style. He is a dedicated musician who allows the listener to take what they need from his creations while inviting them into his world. That being said, Wullae was kind enough to take time from his busy recording schedule to answer a few questions, all of them giving insight into his music and the creative process of this exceptional artist.

1- Favorite Instrument?

Wullae: Without hesitation, my favourite instrument is my white Brunswick electro-acoustic guitar. I remember the day I bought it; it was a wonderful feeling. I have written, recorded and performed so many songs on that guitar, and still do. My Brunswick allowed me to gig, and gave me the confidence to do so. It has never failed me at any gig I have performed. I used this guitar at every single gig I performed, from 2007 to 2011. I have used it on every single album I have recorded, and I intend to use it for my proposed sixth album. I absolutely love this guitar; it is my emotional outlet.

2 – First tune you recorded and do you still play it?

Wullae: I have no idea. I see my musical life as split into two, the first being cassette tape recordings and the second being computer programme recordings. It is quite possible that the first cassette tape recording was a ‘The Orange Line’ song. It believe that my first computer programme recording was ‘Superhero’ in 2004, also a song on my latest album ‘The Orange Line’.

3 – Favorite musical memory?

Wullae: I found this a tough question to answer. So many fantastic memories. I would probably say being offered a record deal from former Independent Record Label ‘Freaky Pug Records’ is one of my favourite musical memories. I remember opening a message sent by them with no prior knowledge or expectation of the content. It was a rather informal statement offering to release all of my music on their label, if I was interested. I had genuinely never envisaged a label wanting to release my music. It was a dream I never thought would happen. It is still one of the biggest compliments my music has ever received.

4 – Best gig so far?

Wullae: Again, without hesitation, the best gig I have had the most amazing fortune to be part of was playing King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow in 2009, as the lead guitarist of the band ‘Hercules Mandarin’.
The story starts when I played a gig close to Christmas at ‘The Aragon’, Glasgow in 2008. I decided to wear an Santa hat and keep the gig fairly jovial and as upbeat as I could. The promoter was the singer and guitarist of ‘Hercules Mandarin’. At the end of the gig he asked if I would like to join the band and play King Tut’s.
Next month we played a sell out gig at King Tut’s as the headline band. That is a gig I will never forget. The next night I went to King Tut’s to see a band I love, ‘Innerpartysystem’. It was a weird experience to watch a band that influences my music playing exactly where I was stood the night before. Amazing feeling.

5 – Favorite song on the new album? Why?

Wullae: I am genuinely loving these questions. I get torn with this one, because I have thought about it myself a few times. What song, for me, stands out and why. There are two songs that far exceeded even my own expectations, ‘A Stage with your own Fears’ and ‘All the Time’. Both songs, in my mind were fairly plain and ordinary to begin with. As the album and recording progressed through 2013, these two songs began to set a precedence for me. The songs were recorded but without strings and drums. When the strings were added, it is like the songs became something I could have only dreamed of writing. Music Blogger Mad Ferret described some of the songs on ‘The Orange Line’ album as sounding like something from a “movie score”. That is how these two songs are for me. They became dramatic, and almost cinematic. If I had to choose one of these songs as a favourite, it would probably be ‘A Stage with your own Fears’. Musician and good friend Stuart Carroll told me that this song is me at my best. I agree with him.

6 – Best stress reliever before a gig?

Wullae: Practice, set list and audience. If all three are in place, then generally I have a very relaxed and enjoyable gig. I definitely need to rehearse the songs beforehand. When I make a set list for a gig, I practice the songs the way I would play it at a gig. If it doesn’t feel right, I change the songs or order etc until I feel like it will be interesting for any audience who comes to listen. At any venue etc, I am at my most relaxed when I have an audience there, particularly a receptive one. Of all of these, the audience for me is the most important part. A great audience equals a great gig.

7 – What’s next?

Wullae: If you’d asked me this question at the start of 2012, my answer and intention was fast becoming “give up music”. The support I have received over the last few years by so many kind people has not made me doubt myself in aiming for a sixth album. That is my long term goal. I have no idea of the artwork, sound or direction for the proposed sixth album, but I have been writing new songs and I am excited about them. A short term goal for me currently is putting together my second ‘The Orange Line’ single. It has become a project that has taken on a life of its own, and I cannot wait to release it. I am hoping it will be released around late April/early May 2014.

Having read Wullae’s answers and listened to his music I for one am truly grateful he has decided to continue on this musical journey. I look forward to what new musical creations he’ll put forth next and right now, I’ll continue to thoroughly enjoy his critically acclaimed new album “The Orange Line” and hope you will too!

One of the most poignant songs from “The Orange Line” for me is the final track of the album called “All the Time”. It is a heart rending piece of lyrical poetry set in an emotionally inspiring musical background. I leave you now with this beautifully moving song. Give it a listen and join me on this musical journey into the irresistible music of Wullae Wright

All the Time ~ Wullae Wright

As always, it started with a song…
.. and ended with a smile!


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