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It started with a song… literally it did! This blog, the impetus to write, and the wonderful memory of a dear friend, all started with a song almost a year ago. So, I thought I’d take the time to give you an update as to how my dear friend Kyle’s family has survived their first year without him. If you haven’t read the blog that allowed me to take the leap into the blogosphere, here’s the link: Love In Abundance

There is a quote by Marcus Tillius Cicero that comes to mind as I’m writing this, “ The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” In many ways this is true for all of us, but more importantly, Kyle lives on in the memory of his children, his wife, his family, his friends, me. I could just tell you that life has been difficult for Clare and their twin daughters, Anna and Grace, for surely this is true. There are times when they miss him desperately, wishing that he was still here to love, to laugh, to live. But, his memory is what keeps them going, his joy of life, his humor and wisdom, lives on in his immediate family and the lives they touch. Their lives are so much more than just about missing Kyle, they are living testaments to his legacy of “Love In Abundance”.

Anna and Grace are five now, some days going on twenty-five it seems. For the most part, they still spend their days inseparable in that special bond of twins. Their personalities are developing at a rapid pace, unique in many ways yet, still the same. I see so much of their daddy in them (most likely because it is what I am looking for), his quick wit, irreverent ways and irrepressible laughter. It is pure joy to realize that he lives on in these two little girls. Of course they share their mums traits too, her beauty, her grace, her strength; all wrapped in these two little girls now growing into their own.

A year of holidays and celebrations have gone by without their daddy, tears of sorrow and grief were shed many times over. But, as only children seem to do, they bounce back secure in the comfort of each other and the love surrounding them. They are so curious! I’ve noticed that each and every time I am around them, they will ask questions about their dad. They also ask about music and are now completely addicted to their iPods, often telling me I should listen to this song or play this game. They still play Love In Abundance by Robb Murphy; it will always be there. I know this, because to them it is quite simply, “ Daddy’s song”. The song, the words and the music, are a touchstone for them, allowing them to know he is still here with them as they listen. Two little girls who have learned to love music because of an exceptional yet simple song by an artist they someday hope to meet… and honestly so do I!

Anna and Grace start kindergarten in a few weeks, and are busily shopping with their mum for school supplies and new clothes. They seem to grow overnight! They will be tall like their dad. It’s a pleasure to watch them grow into their own lives. Along with the newness of school, their mum told me she has met someone. A chance meeting really, though I think maybe Kyle had something to do with it! Clare met David at a grocery store of all places! He asked if she could tell him where the wine aisle was. It was quite obvious to Clare that he wasn’t from Pennsylvania, wine can only be purchased at the State Liquor stores or shops owned by the winery themselves. She explained this and tried to give him direction to the closest place, then realized it would be easier to just have him follow her. They made their way through the store chatting and shopping. After checking out and storing the groceries in their respective cars, Clare had him follow her to the State store. Once there, she got out and gave him directions to get back to the place he was staying. Apparently David was smitten, as he asked for her number which she gave him, thinking all the while that he was a nice man and must be lonely being away from home and family.

David is an architect who was doing some consulting work on one of the local historical buildings being renovated. Over the next few weeks their friendship blossomed. Before David was to leave for home (New York City), Clare had him over for dinner one last time…. he brought the wine! The girls were apparently bashful and curious all at the same time, asking questions and then running off to hide or play. The evening went off without a hitch and I think they both realized that this wouldn’t be the end of their friendship. A few months went by with phone calls and visits on the weekend. The girls got to see the sights of New York City, including such highlights as FAO Schwartz, the Disney Store and were treated to Disney’s “The Lion King” on Broadway. They were totally smitten by the city and David! And so a new chapter begins.

Clare called about a month ago. She wanted to talk. We hadn’t seen one another for a while and it was so nice just to catch up. She told me about her friend David. She wanted me to know that it wasn’t expected, it just happened naturally. I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I knew this is what Kyle would have wanted. He most likely had some sort of cosmic hand in getting this relationship started.

I will be sad to see them move further away, however, I know we’ll always be in touch in some way. It’s a special friendship we share, a song that binds us. We have “Love In Abundance”, shared through a dear friend who was a loving father and husband. It’s difficult to believe that a year has gone by since Kyle left this earth. Most of the time it feels as if it were only yesterday, and then sometimes it is an eternity. His spirit remains in my memory and his joy still lives on. I think of him often, especially when I hear the song “Love In Abundance” by Robb Murphy. And yes, not a day goes by for me without listening to that song… if only to keep in touch with my friend Kyle. There are so many things I’d love to discuss with him, and sometimes I do in my heart. Life goes on, love does too.

I leave you now with the song that started it all… “Love In Abundance” by Robb Murphy. It will always be a special song in my life. Please listen and share with those you love. I’ve said this before but, I truly believe that we all have Love In Abundance; we just need to open our hearts to it.

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