I was listening to a song by Ryan Adams the other evening during one of our nightly thunderstorms. “When The Stars Go Blue” has always been a favorite of mine. It’s been covered by so many people but the original is the one I love. That song led to “Memories Of You” and the list went on…

Playing around with words I came up with this poem…

what dreams

evening song filters through
the misty twilight
softly stirring
the curtains
by the bed
time stops
as i anticipate
your return

astral lover

the night calls
forth your spirit
a ghost
of a lover
with gentle hands
caressing my face
as the moon beams
brightly through
a blur of clouds
awakening my soul


a visit from
the other side
this dreamworld summons
a vision
and my body rises
from its rest
to greet you
in embrace


a tangle of limbs
dance in the shadows
trembling now
there is no rest
as i am called
by the whispers
of the night


a soft sweet kiss
upon my brow
no… enchanted
by midnight trysts
in dreams and visions
a world of my own


my lover lingers
until the dawn
this time
well spent
in passions
sweet embrace
a murmured promise
my body

dancing when

a sigh
of contentment
breaks the silence
as moonlight
shifts into dawn
alone once more
the phantom vanished
as sweet slumber
calls my name

For now I leave you with these songs by Ryan Adams. The first is When The Stars Go Blue, the second is Memories Of You.  Let me know what you think of them and the poem!

Thanks for reading! Remember it started with a song… and ended with a smile!


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