Descending Angel

As I examine my existence
I realize that I need
To find an angel
To complete my dream

An angel of love
A heart with wings
I would no longer be tethered
To this world of things

My soul has been longing
I feel so alone
I need this treasure
To find my home

Too long have I wandered
Independent, detached
Searching for someone
Completing this act

To settle my soul
And quiet all fear
I’d stop my aimless journey
To find you here

I need an angel
To soar through the skies
Setting me free
From the boundaries of life

I know you are out there
I feel it in my soul
Looking up at the stars
My heart can come home

Just a few thoughts that came to mind as I was trying to find some sleep once again! I’d been listening to Kitaro, a Japanese composer, recording artist, record producer and one of the pioneers of New Age music. His music is enlightening and meditative and sometimes helps to quiet my mind. But, more often than not, I find myself reaching for pen and paper as i’m listening to jot down my thoughts! So I guess you could say this poem started with a song… ‘‘A Wish’ brought forth by a wandering mind in a valley of ethereal sound.

I leave you now with a favorite called Symphony Of The Dreams by Kitaro. A lush landscape of music to lose yourself in. Enjoy!

The image attached to this post is also a favorite, it’s titled “Descending Angel” by John Wimberley.

It started with a song…
..and ended with a smile.


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