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I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite bands right now, The Bedroom Hour hailing from London and currently residing in Uxbridge (West London) in the United Kingdom. Their debut album Hinterland released on 14th July, 2014 consisting of 11 tracks, is filled with soaring sounds destined to take you on an emotional journey. Prepare your ears for an absolute love fest, as each song seemingly unfolds before you in a tapestry of sound; serving dose after dose of dreamy, hauntingly beautiful indie rock, laden with impassioned lyrics.


For those of you who may be unfamiliar with The Bedroom Hour, they are a five-piece band consisting of Stuart Drummond (Lead Vocals), Rob Payne (Guitar and Back-up Vocals), Mark Dudley (Keyboard), Andy Copper (Bass) and Lewis Cosham (Drums). They’ve been compared to the likes of U2, Elbow, and Pink Floyd. However, Hinterland transcends these comparisons and allows the listener to become immersed in an original, more complex wall of sound laden with the passion and ethos truly great music inspires.


It’s difficult to choose a favorite from Hinterland, as each song has the capability of being that special song, although right now I’m thoroughly absorbed in Broken getting lost in the driving beat of the drums and darker melodies. Though, to be quite honest, the raw emotive quality of the lyrics are stunning and have me hooked! My recommendation is to take the time to listen for yourself, find your favorite… and then find the next one! I think you’ll find each song will give you what you are looking for at the time.


Having said all of this, the guys from The Bedroom Hour were kind enough to answer a few questions while on their busy schedule of gigging across the UK promoting Hinterland. So, without further ado, here’s what they had to say…




What was the first tune you recorded?

First bedroom hour tune recorded was called ‘hear the echoes’, but it wasn’t very good so it got binned!

Who are you influenced by? Why?

Each member of this band has their own influences, ranging from the original ‘heavy’ metal bands like Led Zeppelin through to Barbara Streisand (although I must stress that’s only one of us), taking in 80’s synth bands and early 90’s shoegaze and Britpop and everything in between.

What’s your favorite musical memory as a band?

Favourite musical memory as a band – I’ll have to hand over to Stu for this one!
 Stu – for me a radio one would be Gary Crowley picking “Slow Motion Cinema” for BBC introducing – a combination of the actual song and being noticed by Gary Crowley X

Who are you currently listening to?

Mark – a demo of one of our new songs
Andy – only a boho by the charlatans
Rob – title and registration by death cab for cutie
Lew – Tom Sawyer by rush
Stu – lifelines by doves

Best gig so far?

Best gig so far for me personally was the album release in Night & Day Manchester. Such a good vibe all night, the energy in the room was electric and was amazing to have the songs sung back to us. Can’t wait to get back there.

Sexiest song you play?

Sexiest song would probably be I See Suns, I guess. It sounds a bit dirty. You probably would, but you wouldn’t take it home to meet your parents!

Do you get nervous ?

I can’t speak for the others, but personally I don’t think I get nervous so much as excited. I tend to be like a kid on Christmas Eve the night before a gig, then get over tired in the afternoon on the day, then feel a bit sick early evening then feel fine as soon as we get on.

Where do you find inspiration from to write songs?

We don’t have a set songwriting structure we stick to, sometimes someone will send out an idea they’ve had, just a riff or lyric, and we go from there, other times we’ll just start jamming on something and suddenly we’ve written a song. It’s a very organic process sometimes…

What’s coming up next?

What’s next? We’re gigging, gigging and then gigging some more. Trying to arrange more shows, we’re playing Liverpool for the first time soon and we’re all looking forward to that. Returning to Doncaster in October, we had a great time there a couple of weeks back.

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I’m really so grateful for the time The Bedroom Hour took out of their busy schedule to answer my questions.   As you’ve read above, The Bedroom Hour will be gigging all over the UK in the near future.  If you happen to be there, don’t hold back…Go See Them! Their Live shows are simply stunning from what I hear and something you won’t want to miss…

I leave you now with two videos by The Bedroom Hour. The first is called Slow Motion Cinema from their EP Themes. It was written by Stuart Drummond in memory of his mum, Margaret. It’s one song I think you really should see and hear.


The second video is from Hinterland by The Bedroom Hour, entitled Ocean. It’s the first track off their debut album, a brief yet lush piece of ethereal music that awakens your senses.

Enjoy the music and please share!

It started with a song…

.. and ended with a smile

~ annie




For more information on The Bedroom Hour, their Live shows and of course their music, please follow the links below:

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