It started with a song… yes it really did. A song that can help you remember, allow you to heal, relieve your stress and soothe your pain –both emotional and physical. Amazingly, music can do all of this for us, however, we almost never see it in this light. Most of us listen to music for the pleasure it gives us without ever thinking of the remarkable healing opportunities we have at our disposal.

Warning: None of this is medical advice, nor should it be taken that way. If you have a health problem, please contact a medical professional.

Many articles and studies have been written about music and it’s magic; there are quotes, research studies, degrees, journals, books, initiatives, petitions, impact studies and yes, even jobs. Just try any search engine and you will find a plethora of different articles and studies enumerating the vast and varied attributes of music and how it helps us throughout our lives.  A dear friend of mine writes a blog called Music Is Like A Medicine, I’ve been reading through it for inspiration… it’s a treasure trove. She is a remarkably talented woman in many ways, so please click on the following link and check it out!

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For many of us, music is what gets us through break ups and bad times, relaxes our minds when trying to learn new tasks or complete projects, gets our hearts pumping when working out. Most of us have experienced that warm and fuzzy feeling a special song provides making our heart and soul sing with joy without even giving a thought to the benefits we are receiving. All we really know is that music has the ability to make us feel good!

Here’s a starter list of some of the extraordinary healing properties listening to a favorite song or playing music can provide in our lives:

Music is a natural anxiety reliever. It is low in cost, free from side effects and no prescription is necessary. It even has the ability to reduce your blood pressure while calming those anxious feelings and improving your mood. So, the next time you are feeling a bit anxious and overwhelmed, try listening to one of your favourite songs. You’ll most likely calm your fears… thousands of researchers can’t be wrong!
Music is a natural stress reliever. It’s been proven that listening to, or playing music on a daily basis helps you have a more positive outlook on life thereby lowering those stress levels. Feeling stressed? Get out that iPod or pick up your guitar and experience the relief of music. Of course, listening or playing something you like is essential otherwise what’s the point!
Music is good for your heart. Listening to joyful songs, music that makes you happy has been scientifically proven to dilate your blood vessels providing ease of blood flow throughout your circulatory system. Much like sex, exercise and chocolate, music provides those feel good endorphins that gets your blood pumping; so cue up those favs and have a listen!
Music reduces pain perception. Listening to or playing a favourite song on your guitar or piano provides distraction. This in turn confuses those pain receptors making us think that something hurts less than it does. I can honestly say this works! I would be lost without my playlists and miserably suffering in pain without a few favourites that I can lose myself in.
Music helps us remember. It’s been proven time and again that children who study music have better verbal recall despite other extenuating circumstances such as age, education and or socioeconomic status. Music is also helpful in the aging brain, providing better acuity and higher brain functioning to those adults with training compared to those without any musical experience. Alzheimer patients become significantly calmer and remember experiences from the past when listening to a favorite song. Once again, music soothes their souls.




I could go on listing the many amazing things music provides for us, but I’ll leave the list for now… I will just say this, it is absolutely incredible what a song can do for you; it stimulates your brain, massages your heart and soothes your soul. So get out those iPods, mp3s, CDs and vinyl, play your favourites. If you play an instrument, do it often and experience the joy you give to others when you do. Music is an emotional experience in my life, it frees my spirit and makes me whole again. So please, take some time to enjoy this gift! And if you happen to know a musician, thank them for the gift they share with the world. Perhaps if we all took the time to listen to more music, the world would be a happier and healthier place!





I’ll leave you now with a few of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them and I’d love to know what you’re listening to!

Heart Translation ~ Art Of Fighting

Children ~ Virgin Soldiers

Turning Page ~ Sleeping At Last

Every Other Freckle ~ Alt J

Survival ~ The Colorful Quiet

For more information on how music can help heal, visit the following links:

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Thanks for listening!

It started with a song…
..and ended with a smile!


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