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It started with a song… Creeds Cross has a new single Third Light which is being released today, Friday the 7th of November. The song details what life was like in the trenches during World War I – the great war, as it is known. I’ve never understood this, as I particularly can’t find anything ‘great’ about any war.  However, Third Light also depicts the savagery of war through the ages, and its effects on innocent victims.


Creeds Cross will be donating all sale proceeds from downloads of Third Light during November and December, to aid in the support of the WAR CHILD charity.  Please help Creeds Cross in their endeavour to raise awareness of a wars most innocent victims – children; by downloading Third Light during the next two months and share the mission of the WAR CHILD charity.

Just click on the link below to download Third Light by Creeds Cross from iTunes:

war child

I leave you now with a link to the song Third Light by Creeds Cross. Listen to it, download or donate to WAR CHILD and then please share this message.   Help WAR CHILD to care for these children; and support them in their efforts to bring some joy to the lives of these innocents traumatised by the horrors of war.  Last, but not least pray for peace in our lands.



It is time to give peace a chance.


For more information about WAR CHILD and how you can help please visit their website here: WAR CHILD



You can read more about Creeds Cross HERE and by visiting their website. CREEDS CROSS



Thank you for reading; I wish you peace.




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