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Describing Perfect Moments…

“She smiled and said with an ecstatic air: “It shines like a little diamond”,
“What does?”
“This moment. It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond; I am eternal.”
Jean-Paul Sartre, The Age of Reason


It started with a song… well an entire album actually! I’ve been listening to My Favourite Faded Fantasy by Damien Rice tonight. The long awaited album by the Irish singer songwriter from County Kildare is a perfect blend of fragile beauty and angst, with moments of clarity that takes your breath away. Listening to the tracks, I’m drawn to Long Long Way, which has been described as “a mesmerising wisp of a thing, layered with drones and shimmers.” – David Smyth, London Evening Standard. The simple lyrics of this song melded with hauntingly beautiful melodies, caused me to pause and remember just why I’ve anticipated hearing more from Damien Rice.  My Favourite Faded Fantasy is a musical journey of letting go and looking ahead, learning from the challenges we’ve face and finding those perfect moments to carry on… all set in a lush musical landscape that begs you to listen again. This album became the perfect inspiration to ponder all of the little things that became perfect moments of pure happiness in my life today.


There is a school of thought that contends we all have at least one perfect day in our lives. One perfect day, where everything is flawless, serene and stunningly brilliant, committed to memory just for you. All of your senses are engaged, as you assign the sights, smells, words and emotions to recesses of your mind for safekeeping. Each dawn brings with it the potential to be that one perfect day. Which leads me to ask this question… Do you know what your ‘one perfect day’ is? Try as I might, I can’t decide upon just one perfect day, but there are a myriad of perfect moments I can recall each day.

one perfect day

I put the album on repeat and immersed myself in the ritual of counting my blessings as sleep eludes me. Journaling in thought all of the tiny things that made up the day, and allowing them to rest in the recesses of my mind. Going through the motions, I found many things I am grateful for, those serendipitous moments of sheer joy I encountered in an  otherwise ordinary day. An unexpected smile, a warm hug, finding a few ginger candies at the bottom of my purse (they help with nausea :)), one of our large cats purring loudly on the pillow beside me, hearing snippets from a song by a friend (what a gift!), a fuzzy red sweater, watching a funny video sent by a friend (this really made me laugh out loud!), woolen socks, a chat with my uncle, a kiss good night (even though I’m not sleeping yet)… my list of amazingly simple joys from today. So, perhaps one perfect day can be every day if we look at the little things that bring us joy.



Along the way I came up with a few thoughts and wrote them down. Oddly enough my inspiration came from the song called The Greatest Bastard from My Favourite Faded Fantasy by Damien Rice … I can’t explain how or why!

A Perfect Day

Morning comes
And I open my eyes
To drink in the dawning
Of the new day
A day like no other

To laugh
To cry
To dream
Of what will come
And what’s undone

A gift I’m given
Wrapped in mist
Surprisingly infinite
In the endless possibilities
Of living

I turn and gaze
Out the window
As the sun
Peeks out
From hiding

A genesis
For the earth
For me
Renewed by slumber

A smile
Touches my lips
As memory returns
Of what was
And what will be

A perfect day
To imagine
The possibilities are endless
Who will I be?
Just me

I leave you now with The Greatest Bastard and Long Long Way by Damien Rice. Enjoy the little things that bring you joy… like music! Just let go and remember all of the perfect moments in life.


I’d love to hear about the perfect moments in your life… the little things that make you smile and shine like a diamond! Just leave a comment below… Thank you so much for stopping by!

Until the next time,
It started with a song… and ended with a smile!


For More information on Damien Rice and his music, please visit the following link:

Damien Rice

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  1. The perfect moments in my life are as follows:
    When I look in the mirror! That always makes me smile when I see myself shining like a diamond:-)
    When Kara Jarina calls me ‘Darling’
    When a technical problem gets sorted out – by someone else! -lol
    When people tell me how magnificent I am!
    Reading your blog lovely lady! That always makes me smile:-) So inspiring!

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