It started with a song… listen.


Open your mind and your heart, breathe in what others are saying to you, with a look, a touch, a sob and yes even words!   Listen to the music that is your life, involve your senses and take it all in. You may be surprised at what you actually hear!

When it came time to make a resolution for the New Year, I wanted to do something that I could actually stick with. I decided I would try to actively listen. I know it sounds so simple, however, the more I thought about listening I came to the realisation it was much more than mere words. In life, we are bombarded with discord and disenchantment, often ignoring what someone is trying to tell us, because we are only hearing words, not actually listening. So, this is my goal…

It started with a song… listen.

My journey into listening has been difficult at times and it’s just a wee bit more than a week old! I’ve felt the emptiness of silence, all the while wondering what I had done… or didn’t do. I listened to my husband’s whispered thoughts in his sleep – of cars, cupcakes and other silly things; smiling to myself because I know he is dreaming of happy things. I’ve listened to advice given freely by family, sometimes taking it to heart and thinking I’ve failed them… me. I’ve listened with my eyes as I watched our neighbor struggle with her one year old to trap him in his car seat. I’ve learned that even at one, we humans know exactly what we want and how to get it – no words are necessary!


It started with a song… listen.

Listen Defined:

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word LISTEN as follows:

Listen – verb

Give one’s attention to a sound; take notice of and act on what someone says; respond to advice or a request; make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something.

I believe listening to be something much more than a word. Listening to me is an act, a thought, a touch, a feeling, a look, a smile and a tear. To listen is to actively participate in the life of another. I am trying to listen more, not just hear, but also really listen.

It started with a song… listen.

Surprizingly, I have found that in opening my heart to the signs and sounds of those around me, and taking the time to listen; my life is enveloped by the echoes of everything I encounter. In opening myself to these things, I have become more aware of my hidden self. Listening allows me to peek out every now and then and allow others to listen to me as well.   I really didn’t think this would be part of the process!

It started with a song… listen.


“in the space that exists between that which is you and that which is said, is the space that is left to be understood” ~ The Book Of Love

Experiencing life through the sounds and thoughts of the world and the people that surround me has given me a newfound peace. As a sensitive person, I am growing and allowing myself the opportunity to fully engage with the people in my life. It’s fascinating and scary all at once. However, it’s a journey I plan to continue on well past the boundaries of this New Year!

I leave you now with my rambling thoughts, as I’m sure you may be tired of listening!

It started with a song….

.. I’ll be listening!


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