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Sleep Tonight by Robb Murphy is an album that resonates with lush tones and stirring melodies with a natural openness to the poignant lyrics coming from a quiet place in this singer-songwriter’s soul. It has been said that this is where beautiful music comes from; I have no doubts about this, after hearing this album. The songs at times are filled with raw emotion, often tapping into the psyche of the listener’s thoughts and moods. Robb Murphy has created a melodic reflection for listeners in Sleep Tonight allowing them to recognise themselves in the sentiment and circumstance of his poetry.

It is difficult to isolate Sleep Tonight to a specific genre in the musical spectrum. This second album by Robb Murphy contains elements of classical, folk, pop and country music combined with a flare that lures you in. The 12 tracks of Sleep Tonight beg for more from this singer songwriter, if only so that you can continue to wander through the musical landscape he has created. Simply said, Sleep Tonight is an acoustic symphony of sound.




Coming from Belfast in the UK, Robb Murphy’s songwriting is undoubtedly infused with the spirit and emotion of his Northern Irish roots. Should I ever be asked to describe his music, one word springs to my mind – meraki. It is a word that the modern Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work. When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of yourself into it. This is what Robb Murphy brings to us with his music.

The album segues through the gamut of emotions allowing you to eavesdrop into this realm of sound. A softly strummed acoustic guitar seamlessly offsets each song and Murphy’s gentle, honeyed voice draws you in and captures you; deliberately enveloping you in the stories of the songs. Simple, yet complex, Sleep Tonight is a definite must to add to your collection!


The subtle placement of strings and brass, a piano crescendo or mournful chord, speaks to Murphy’s skill as a producer, which allows his innate artistry to shine forth. Each song is like a gift, unwrapping itself in the layers of sound showcasing his strength as a passionate, master lyricist.

I’ve been listening to the 9th track off the album Sleep Tonight, called ‘Bound For Your Arms’. It is the song previewed in his first blog about the album which can be found here: Beginnings It is notable as the first song written in Italy a few years ago, and the beginning of what has now become Sleep Tonight. It is genius in its simplicity accentuated by the underlying chords of a Hammond organ like a siren’s call to listen. Bound For Your Arms has captured me entirely through Murphy’s effortless acoustics and haunting, ethereal vocals. It is a stellar example of what Robb Murphy intended for his second album, Sleep Tonight … “an album of songs, simple in melody, simple in production, and contain a ‘real feel’ to them.”

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Sleep Tonight, the album, is currently available to Pre-Order on Robb Murphy’s Bandcamp site: SleepTonight There are multiple options available including two Limited Edition Vinyl packages (for all of the vinyl aficionados out there :))! It is a compilation of 12 tracks filled with reflective, soulful chill songs you’ll want for your collection. So kick back, relax and have a listen! Then order it … I promise your ears will thank you for this!

I leave you now with the invitation to listen to a few tracks from Sleep Tonight. You’ll find yourself enchanted and charmed by Robb Murphy’s style and ability to connect with his listeners. In my humble opinion, the album Sleep Tonight, is a promise we can expect more wonderful sounds from this singer-songwriter in the future. Enjoy!


Thank you for listening and please share the music!

It started with a song… and ended with a smile!


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