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Kaz Hawkins and her ‘Band O Men’ have burst into the world of music from Northern Ireland challenging us to Get Ready.

With the official release of her debut album, Get Ready, in September of 2014, Kaz proves beyond a doubt that she has the spirit and passion to keep old and new fans charmed with every inspiring move she makes. With her newly produced collection of songs, Kaz Hawkins firmly asserts her position as one of the most charismatic, soulful and insightful female artists to grace the stage since such legends as Billie Holiday, Etta James and Janis Joplin.

Get Ready is an album that allows you to experience music in different ways, it is a collection of songs that brings pure pleasure just by listening to Kaz’s rich, soulful voice from the opening lines of Halleluiah Happy People to the raucous ending of Walkin On My Own. However, you’ll find yourself discovering the extraordinary lyrics give you more of a glimpse into the world of Kaz Hawkins.

Get Ready

The creation of Kazs debut album, Get Ready, provides us with insight of her unique and compassionate view of the world. She brings to us an extraordinary vision of her Belfast, filled with fascinating people, often struggling, surviving and living their lives as best they can. Just listen to I Saw A Man to understand my meaning. Kaz Hawkins writes from her heart, giving us her views on life in the poetry of her songs.

Get Ready is a gift from Kaz Hawkins to her audience; her songwriting skills and astounding soulful, bluesy voice are all wrapped up with her vibrant passionate personality. Her music gives evidence to the fact that she is a modern day chanteuse and as an entertainer, definitely one to watch!

For Kaz, arranging the poetry that fills her debut album in the soulful threads of the blues seems a logical choice. It provides a contrast that engages the listener to hear the message that is sometimes intense, softened by the eclectic mix of musical stylings. The songs are stellar compositions crafted in the true spirit of the blues, examining the struggles of life while reaching for a higher power.

I love all of the songs, but there is something about Believe With Me that strikes a chord and tugs at my heart a wee bit more. It looks at how we can all become stronger from our struggles and know that there is something better if we just believe,kaz hawkins music

Get Ready by Kaz Hawkins is an eclectic, introspective mix of Blues, Soul and Jazz combined with sass. Kaz raises our awareness of discrimination, poverty and those who have been tread upon by life itself in a thoroughly enjoyable way. I for one am in awe of this debut and have no doubt we will be hearing much more from this great songstress for a long time to come. Since the debut of Get Ready, Kaz and her ‘Band O Men’ have been busy gigging throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK. If you have the chance to see her live with her ‘Band O Men’, please go! I can honestly say you’ll have a most enjoyable time and will leave the gig with quite a buzz!

Dear readers, GET READY… this is Kaz Hawkins and she’s here to stay! Enjoy!

I leave you now with a few videos just as a teaser and have no doubt you will be wanting more!

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