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What do Creeds Cross, Bart Foley and Celtic Rock have in common? All three are synonyms for great music and good times! Back in October I introduced you to the Irish phenomenon known as Creeds Cross. Today, I’m writing to let you know that Bart Foley has raised the bar as to what we can expect from Creeds Cross!
It’s been a wee bit quiet in the Creeds Cross camp lately… though that doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening! Bart has been busy reinventing the band with a new look, a new sound and a new single.
So, you may be wondering what things have changed? We’ll start with the new look…
From the beginning, Creeds Cross has been the genius of Bart Foley supported by various musicians. With a tour both at home and abroad coming up, a set line-up was definitely in order. Very difficult to tour if you aren’t sure who will be playing, and when or where! In the words of Bart himself, … “as we’re about to start touring in Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia and the U.S., it was time to finalise a line up that would be the mainstay of the live band and the full time line up of Creeds Cross”. And what an exciting line up it is!
The essential members of Creeds Cross are Bart Foley as Lead Guitar and singer-songwriter; Andreas Jensen on Bass; Grant Wildy on Drums; and last but by no means least…. the remarkably talented, Swedish Fiddler, Maria Kroon!
Both Grant Wildy and Andreas Jensen have been with Creeds Cross from the beginning. The multitalented Maria Kroon was an easy choice for Bart – she’s a fiddler extraordinaire, as well as an expert on the Piano, Guitar and Mandolin! Add the fact that she’s a great singer and it is easy to understand how she’s become an essential part of Creeds Cross’ merry men.
The re-creation of Creeds Cross brings to us a shift in the genre known as Celtic Rock. The new single ~ the Devils Deadly Hand is a magnificent blend of Celtic, Folk and Rock music. The unmistakable thread of Celtic music and instrumentation, the thrumming drum beats and and hard rock punch along with the lyrical genius synonymous with Bart Foley, exemplifies a heightened level of fusion in the true Celtic Rock tradition and makes Creeds Cross stand out from its rivals at home and abroad.


That being said, Bart was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to tell me a bit about the new Creeds Cross!
On Gods & Fighting Men…
“I have always loved working with lots of different musicians and the album Gods & Fighting Men is a prime example. We had lots of guests on the record such as Pete Jupp (FM) Drums, Bob Skeat (Wishbone Ash) Bass, Pat McManus (Mamma’s Boys) as well as the fantastic talents of Brian Kelly and Mark Conyard (Banjo, Mandolin and Fiddle)”
On what’s to come…
“I’ve been extremely lucky to have had the pleasure and good fortune of playing along side some of the finest musicians the industry has to offer and the new album, which is scheduled for October/ November 2015 is no exception. There is already a few surprise, well known guests lined up to contribute!”


When asked about reducing the musicians from six to four, Bart replied…
“In an ideal world, I would always tour with a big band, but financial constraints mean that this is just not possible right now, but who knows what the future holds…”
(I’m guessing we will just have to wait and see!)
For a taste of the new look and new sound of Creeds Cross and their new single ~ Devils Deadly Hand ~ a new video will be released on Monday, the 11th of May, with the single available world-wide via iTunes, Amazon and all good online store from May 18th.
Have a listen right here and enjoy!!

Creeds Cross will hit the road running in July, 2015 to tour ~ look for them at a venue near you! If you have the chance to see them in Ireland, the UK, Europe or the States, GO SEE THEM! As one reviewer has said… “they’re super, bloody fantastic!” It’s hard to argue with that!!


Thanks for reading and sharing the music!
As always, it started with a song…

.. and ended with a smile!

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