The Promise


The Promise is the second album by Caitlin Grey. The Promise is a gift really, from Caitlin to the world of Celtic music which displays the evolution of her mystical style blending the stories of the ‘auld’ times with new age brilliance. This sophomore effort explores the realms of Celtic music in a profound and definitive way. Caitlin brings to us a rich buffet of sound through soaring vocals and intimate magical instrumentation you will find yourself listening to over and over again. The Promise is though provoking and mysterious as all of the good Celtic stories are bringing to light an emotional depth and intimacy so often missing in mainstream music.




As noted in an earlier blog, Caitlin Grey brings to mind the storytelling and Celtic lore found in the music of Loreena McKennit and Enya. All three are wonderful examples of musical muses allowing us to transcend our earthly ties for the mystery of the British Isles. The Promise transports us to windswept moors, the battering sea, the cover of heather and the tales of hardship and love often found in the folklore of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Listening to The Promise is like opening a gift on your birthday or Christmas… one of those special things you will treasure for years to come.




The Promise is an album destined to become a standard to lovers of Celtic music. Including such well known classics as the haunting ‘She Moved Through The Fair’, ‘Black Is The Color’ and ‘Scarborough Fair’ to name a few. Caitlin brings to us a stunning and auspicious world of sound with her sweet mezzo soprano vocals highlighting the emotional impact of the Celts making it difficult to choose a favourite track. When I first heard the 12 tracks of The Promise, I was sure ‘Call Of The Clans’ would be my go to song with the pipes calling to me. Now, it seems there are too many favourites to choose… from the title track ‘The Promise’ to ‘Innisfrie’, ‘The Lady’, ‘Anam Cara’ and more.




The Promise by Caitlin Grey takes us through a gamut of emotions; cheerful, dramatic, mournful, longing and wistful. Add to this list accomplished, adaptable and pure bliss and you will sum up the gift of The Promise and Caitlin Grey’s magnificent voice.


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Over the last two years, I’ve had the great privilege of listening to many new releases by indie artists. With her exceptional voice and musical versatility, Caitlin Grey is someone I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more of in the future! The Promise is something I will be enjoying for years to come, with just the right ingredients to bring to mind memories of my childhood and mystical ancestors.

I leave you now with the previews of the 12 tracks of The Promise by Caitlin Grey

I dare you to choose just one favourite!


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It started with a song…

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