It started with a song… well it always does now, doesn’t it! Last year I wrote a blog about summer songs, the songs that make memories to warm us on those cold winter nights. Memories of soft, easy nights and hot, sun-drenched days we’ve spent with family and friends just enjoying life, as we know it. A cool drink, great friends and music seem to bring out the best in people. “Music always”… as one Twitter friend posts!

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This summer, the hazy, hot and humid weather started earlier. It was quite welcome after the long, frigid winter we had in the Northeast this year! Those shivering thoughts of venturing outside, bundled from head to toe with layers of clothes are but a mere memory. Life is freer in the summer, the days seem to go on forever and the nights are mellowed by the sounds of nature. It’s such a treat to wake up early in the morning and see the sun kiss the treetops as the earth starts to come alive. This morning, as I watched the sun peak through the trees along the riverbank bordering my house, I realized just how much I enjoy this time of day… even though I’m not much of a morning person! Enjoying a lovely mug of Velvet Hammer coffee (a gift from a friend that has a chocolaty richness meant to be savored) while listening to some new music sent to me through this blog was a wonderful way to start the day. It got me thinking about the songs I’m listening to and some of the new releases by the artists I follow on social media. There are some very special people out there with new music that truly needs to be heard and shared. Summer is the perfect time to do this, so, I thought I’d put my iTunes summer playlist to work for me!

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The first twenty summer songs as they come up on shuffle are…

Kaz Hawkins – Walkin on my Own:  I love this woman’s style and voice!  Check out the rest of her debut album here!

Wullae Wright – Trip To Mars:  Wullae will always be a favorite on my playlists, I can’t wait to hear what he has coming up!  You can read more about his music here – The Orange Line

Josh Rouse – “Too Many Things On My Mind” (Official Audio):  I just adore this artist’s style!

Paolo Nutini – One Day:  I would listen to any song this man would sing! It wouldn’t be summer without something in my playlist from Paolo!  This album was so worth the wait!

Muse – Mercy [Official Lyric Video] : From the new album “Drones”, this song is so addictive!

Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were:  Another fav – he just keeps getting better!  If you have the chance, listen to Rivers In Your Mouth!

Robb Murphy – The Darker Side:  Watch and listen to this performance for The Arts Show on BBC – NI.  Robb never ceases to amaze me with his music, you can read my take on his new album Sleep Tonight right here!

Cesare Cremonini – Io e Anna:  I’ve a soft spot for this Italian singer and fortunately for me I was able to get his new release!

Elm Treason – Honey Feet:  Andy and Bobby are such great guys and wonderful musicians, if you haven’t heard the rest of their debut album Days of Reaction you should! You can read about in this blog!

Ruairí and The Owls – Thaw:  This was a recommendation from someone through my blog, just loving this sound… There is such a wealth of musical talent in Northern Ireland, if you’re an indie music lover, it’s Mecca!

Sam Garrett – The River:  Another email recommendation, I owe a big thank you to the person who sent this!  Sam Garrett’s songs speak to your soul… listen to Namaste!

Benjamin Bubb – Journey to the Stars:  This man’s music will bring you peace, that I promise!  He’s just released a new album “Into the Light” be sure to check it out!

Bear’s Den – When you Break:  A friend recommended this to me and I am forever grateful!  What a treasure this album is!

José González – Heartbeats:  This musician is a long time favorite… such talent!

Bon Iver – Holocene:  The ethereal styling of voice and sound always begs for more!  This song is a fav from a friend… it has it all!

Brian Mackey – America:  I was fortunate enough to see Brian live at a local music festival… what a treat!  His newest album “Broken Heartstrings” deserves a listen and download!

BrokenTale – Stardust: I’ve been waiting a long time for a new release from Broken Tale and was so happy to see Stardust released!

Creeds Cross – Devils Deadly Hand:  Bart Foley and the new Creed’s Cross are Celtic Rock!  You can read more about them in here!

Robb Murphy ~ Coffee & Tea:  This song has been a personal favorite since I heard it in it’s demo stage.  I love what it’s become… and anything written about coffee will always be close to my heart! What can I say… I’m a big fan 🙂

Jason Mraz – “Love Someone”:  The newest album, “Yes” is a treasure trove of songs that are relatable and instant earworms.  I love listening to this man sing!

So that’s my twenty summer songs! Fortunately I haven’t included the entire list… there are seventy-seven more songs to listen to! Music, like coffee, is a bit of an addiction with me… if you follow me on Twitter you may already know this!

I hope you’re looking forward to the summer… fun, food, friends and family. On a beach, at the lake or just in your own yard – music always adds a special something to the mix. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey through my summer playlist, I know I have! I’m sure I’ll be adding more as the summer goes on and would love to hear what you’re listening to! So, drop me a line, leave a comment or tag me in a tweet (@aine425) ! It will be a long hot summer and you can be sure I’ll be listening to and sharing music!

Cheers to you for a summer filled with good music, good times and good friends! I hope you have them all in abundance!

It started with a song and ended with a smile!

Keep smiling!


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