It started with a song… well actually no, it didn’t.  This post started with a series of photographs by Ben Mossing Holsteijn titled Parallel Worlds.  I met Ben through two mutual friends and immediately became a fan of his work!  He excels at Pinhole Photography, among various other artistic methods to produce strikingly beautiful images that make one pause and ponder the image at hand.  He is adept at bringing a parallel world to view with the avant-garde effects produced by his exposure techniques.

Self described as an alternative photographer and videographer, his images are extraordinarily beautiful, capturing images and exposing them so that you see more.  Ben has the ability to capture striking images and refine them with a twist, defining and refining through blurred and fractured images what you may miss in a ‘normal’ photograph. His work allows your mind to see into the parallel world hidden within a normal photo.

I originally came across the Parallel World series last fall. Hard to believe it has almost been a year! Ben has been particularly busy providing many dramatic and intriguing images of what may be an ordinary thing with a different perspective. His artistry appeals to my penchant for the unusual and abstract that I was quite fond of when studying art at university. Oddly enough, I spent one entire semester drawing and painting shoes… Ben’s photo entitled “High Heels” reminds me so much of the images I tried to capture on canvas during that time.

Barend (Ben) Mossing Holsteijn hails from Alpendorf, Holland and describes himself as always being interested in images from early on.  His images, whether analog or digital, still or video are quite simply beautiful!  Please take some time to browse through his portfolio and blog!  Let your imagination run wild with the fractured images of this Parallel World!

Inspiration comes from strange places, and I’ve been tweaking a few poems that I’ve written after seeing the Parallel World series. Definitely not as amazing as the images you’ll see on Ben Mossing Holsteijn website:  b-a-r-e-n-d .  Have a look around, see what’s there… is it real or is it your mind showing you something you missed!

Now for the musings that I’ve jotted down while perusing through these magnificent images…

Parallel World Series

pw 1


Shades of life
Colors colliding

Pacing by my side
As I walk to the water
Listening to their whispers
As they pass by

Hidden to the world
Yet known by me
Alone and frightened
I shudder

Consumed by their fear
As life drifts by
Leaving too soon
For this parallel universe

Drifting aimlessly
As life departs
I take my place
Among the lost

Searching amidst the living
For eternity



They came
One then two
The crowd grew

Observers of a life
Shrouded in twilight
Once alive
Fully engaged
And lost

Passing by
In single file
Some stopping
To whisper

Wisdom for the journey?
No one knows
That I lay here
As a single tear
Telling them

PW 3

They walk among us
As the world spins
Out of control

They know our secrets
As we lose our way
And lose our souls

Their feet tread lightly
As we stumble along
The chasm of life

Shades of grey and blue
Shifting just out of sight
Hidden by sunlight
Watchers of the night.

pw 4

Please Note: All of the images and many more can be found right here on Ben’s website… go see them, and much more! You can also follow him on Twitter @pinholebarend where he often shares his images along with a song or two!

I’ll leave you now with a video titled Heaven Can Wait by Blank & Jones, as it always starts with a song in some way, shape or form! It’s an ambient mix from the duo from Germany who were one of the originators of Trance music along with the likes of Tiesto and Paul Oakenfold. Have a listen while you’re viewing the photographs on Ben’s website for a great chill-out experience!

As always, thank you for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Images, the music and poetry! Please share your comments below.

It started with a song…

.. and ended with a smile!

Until the next blog!


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