It started with a song… and Coffee! Music and coffee are said to be the perfect partnership, I can honestly say I’m addicted to both!

Coffee – the early years

My coffee addiction started when I was 3 years old! Quite a shock when I actually thought about it… of course no one would give coffee to a three year old now, or would they? I’m not sure. I do know that I enjoyed the time shared over a cup of coffee with my granddad early in the morning, pretending to read the paper like he did. It was a special time of the day, and so began my love of coffee.

Back then the cup of choice was a strong blend of Coffee and Chicory ground in the old coffee grinder my mum kept on the counter. It was a ceremonial start to the day and something that was done many times over. Our coffee pot was battered and stained and kept it’s place on the stovetop throughout the day… a never ending fountain of caffeine. Honestly, I think my coffee cup back then was really warmed milk with a bit of coffee in it, but to me it was the real thing!

Once… and only once, my mum took it upon herself to clean the revered coffee pot. She scrubbed and polished it until the pot shone like the sun. Truth be told, there was a lot of yelling and lamenting by my granddad that day. The coffee was ruined, it didn’t taste like it should! I could still hear my granddad yelling, “What did you go and do that for? You took the goody out of it! What in God’s name were you thinking?” (Of course there were a few colorful adjectives inserted here and there, and my granddads Irish was quite prevalent as well!) All my mum could get in was “But pop…” and the ranting started again. Needless to say we never had a shiny clean coffee pot again and eventually all of the “goody” was back in place!

My tastes have changed over the years, but my love of the lovely dark elixir, known as coffee, has not waned. My brother and sister are not so enamored of coffee, which seriously makes me question their sanity! How can you not love coffee? It’s warm and dark with a rich aroma that soothes your soul and wakes you up at the same time! They along with my husband have one cup in the morning… one! I’ve no idea how they function at all!

coffee 5


Hot or Iced… what’s your pleasure?

Personally, I prefer hot coffee, the hotter the better. I’ve never understood iced coffee, however, I have been know to drink it to get a caffeine fix! I’m also not a big fan of flavored coffees or creamers for that matter. Coffee should taste like coffee. I’m much more of a coffee purist, drinking it black or with cream depending on the type or time of day.

My current favorites are in the French Roast, Italian Roast or Sumatra beans families. I’m quite fond of Café Verona – a Starbucks dark Italian Roast if I am drinking coffee made in our Keurig. This is strictly for maintaining my caffeine levels. When I have the time, I prefer to make espresso or French press coffee with a newly acquired bag of beans called Velvet Hammer. Described as intense, dark and smoky it is truly a coffee to be savored and one I will keep coming back to time and again! It has been touted as the coffee lover’s coffee… I couldn’t agree more. If you ever get the chance to try this wonderful blend of Columbian, Guatemalan and Sumatra beans, you will understand my newfound obsession.

I drink coffee all throughout the day, everyday… to wake up to relax and just because. Sometimes I even plan my day around coffee and feel anxiety when I know I am running low on this magnificent bean. I have been known to sneak out in the middle of the night to pick up coffee beans and of course, stop for a cup of coffee to tide me over until I get home!


Teatime …

There is only one time when I am not a coffee drinker and this is when I’m not feeling well. I have this innate fear of ruining my taste for coffee when sick, so I switch over to tea. My tea of choice is Punjana by Thompson’s Family Teas. Fortunately for me, it is now available the states. If you are a tea lover you really need to try this… it’s the perfect cuppa!

Teatime was always more ceremonial when I was growing up. Tea was something you took the time to prepare in a proper teapot, with loose tea and a singing kettle. No teabags or tisanes allowed! There were always wonderful biscuits, cakes and sandwiches. Needless to say, teatime was a revered event, generally reserved for late Sunday afternoons when my great aunt Alice was visiting. She was quite the character and took her tea in a fine china cup with a healthy dose of Irish whiskey … for medicinal purposes, of course. 😉 Apparently, this worked for her quite well, she lived to be 104 and traveled the world up until her 98th birthday. But enough about tea!


“The air feels sugary and thick, between the coffee steam and the music, and i forget to notice time passing, hours passing.” ~Jackson Pearce

Coffee is my addiction, I crave it and can’t imagine ever having to give it up! For me, coffee is a warm hug in a mug and there is nothing more relaxing than sinking into the couch with a large mug of coffee and some good music! Coffee and acoustic music seamlessly blend together… perhaps this is because caffeine fuels the songwriting process? I would bet that a healthy percentage of songs are penned with a cup of coffee nearby! There are many songs about this luscious liquid called coffee as well, and of course I have a few favorites. Have a listen, and if you have a favorite song about coffee or tea let me know!

coffee 2

My favorite Coffee Songs…

At the top of my list is the song that led me to write this blog post. Coffee & Tea by Robb Murphy. I love how this song has evovlved since the demo stages! The drums and trumpet are inspiring additions giving the song a jazzy, bossa nova vibe.


Sylvan Esso – Coffee… is just one beautiful love song with interesting sounds ands beats. This dynamic duo met while each was working on other projects… I look forward to hearing more from this collaboration!

Blur – Coffee & TV has long been a favorite tune, reminding us to slow down and take the time to smell the coffee.

Squeeze – Black Coffee In Bed… this song from the early 1980’s harkens the end of a relationship and coffee stained memories.

Pools – Coffee In The Morning … a new release from March of this year, something to chillout to with your morning cuppa or late at night when the day is winding down.


Medasin – Coffee Featuring Masego… another new track to enjoy! Close your eyes and turn it up, you can almost feel the coffee brewing!

I could go on but I’m running out of steam! I need more coffee 🙂

Thanks for reading and sharing the music! If you have a favorite caffeinated tune please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

As always, it started with a song and ended with a smile… or in this case another cup of coffee!



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