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It started with a song… Autumn is here! I’m not very fond of the change of seasons, however, Autumn or Fall, always brings a cheery feeling, with the vibrant hues of the trees decorating the landscape! Living in the northeastern United States provides a surplus of orange, red, yellow and gold shades dusting the landscape in raucous abandon.   New seasons generally remind me of the passage of time and looking ahead has never been my strong suit. Autumn brings to mind crisp apples, colorful mums, football, windswept beaches, cooler temperatures and sometimes, impending doom.

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Quite a few years ago, I remember driving home during the autumn twilight and thinking this would be the last time I would see the vibrant colors of the trees. It was just a sense of foreboding, something I couldn’t quite place in my mind’s eye. Surely, much has changed in my life since that time… I have lost parts of me that will never come back, no matter how hard I try. However, autumn has also some bright moments to it. The passage of time has allowed me to turn another year older when the autumnal equinox came around. A feat I did not think was possible given all that has transpired in my recent past. I am still here, and I am grateful.

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So… I shall watch again as the world turns into a vibrant rainbow of earth tones and remember the losses and the rewards of a simple life. A life that changes like the leaves in Autumn, falling away to begin anew again someday…

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Autumns Farewell

An explosion of color
The clouds form a sea
Is it Autumns farewell
That waits for me?

The gold and the green
Fall softly away
As winds brush the canvas
The earth it does paint

A fiery red maple
It flickers and spins
A flurry of leaves
Like a bed to lie in

A slash of deep rust
Breaks out of the fold
Like bright copper pennies
Amongst all that gold!

Nature’s pure art
Captured on film
A glorious sight
That comes from within

Time marches on
The branches now bare
My mind still remembers
What was once there

I’ll carry this image
In memory once more
Saying farewell to the season
As snow covers the floor

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I leave you now with Autumn by Paolo Nutini as this blog and poem really did start with a song! Have a listen! It’s a beautiful song written for his grandfather when he passed on.


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It started with a song…


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