Courage… it started with a song. I’ve been listening to Darling Arithmetic by Villagers, among other albums during our recent deluge of snow. A Nor’easter– Winter Storm Jonas – blew through the eastern seaboard like no other I’ve seen in my lifetime, dropping 32 inches of snow in 24 hours in our little town. I don’t know when they started naming winter storms like hurricanes… perhaps I should write a blog about that 😉 Needless to say life came to a standstill with the exception of shoveling snow to try and keep the walkways open and the car viewable as the power went down a few times. Not much to do but listen to a playlist and scribble away in my notebook while trying to stay warm. I love the simplicity of this album and the song Courage speaks volumes and got me thinking!


It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a blog! Not that I haven’t been writing, I have! I just haven’t had the courage to post anything I’ve written lately.   Of course, you may find this strange, as I seem to have bared my soul for such a long time about anything and everything that was going on, and yet, now I just can’t seem to bring myself to do this.   I am lacking the courage to post my thoughts, mainly because I just don’t think you want to know.   So I listen to music, scribble away, draw, make jewelry, knit and work the days away. I’ve been working two jobs to try and make ends meet, basically to try and keep my head above water. On average, I’ve been working 85 hours a week and my ‘courage’ or nerve to post a blog has waned as I wander aimlessly from one subject to the next believing nothing is good enough. Yet here I am rambling on…

Courage… bravery, daring, fearlessness; none of these adjectives seem to be me! I am more of the timid, shy, fearful sort, hiding deep inside my head and heart. So why in the world would I pick this subject to write the first blog of the New Year?


The sweet belief of knowing nothing comes for free

Do you really wanna know,
About these lines on my face?
Well, each and every one is testament to
All the mistakes I’ve had to make
To find courage”


These lyrics tell the story, the reason why I am writing now…

courage 2

So, I ask you now, do I continue writing? Is it relevant? Entertaining? Should I stay or should I go? I’ll let the answers up to you!


I have thought of different ways to keep this blog going. Initially I had wanted to change the world! Lofty thoughts for a person to have… However, I do believe that in many ways music can affect change in the world, as we know it. It just takes one person, one song. Everyone has a song in his or her heart. Stories of courage, of change, of love… starting with their song! There are stories to tell of others and their triumphs and true courage, when all is seemingly lost. There is music that inspires all of us and a multitude of songwriters who keep me motivated to change the world. One thing I know for certain, there will always be music in my life. It is what keeps me whole, gives me courage to continue fighting and helps me to understand the strangeness of my being.

courage 1


I leave you now with the song Courage written and performed by Conor O’Brien ~ Villagers. It is a part of the album “Darling Arithmetic” released in the spring of 2015. “Darling Arithmetic” is a collection of solitary, introspective songs running the gamut of emotions from desire to confusion and every emotion in between. Please listen and enjoy!


And if you have a comment or suggestion as to what you would like to see here, please let me know! I’d truly love to hear your thoughts!

As always, thanks for listening… Share the music!

It started with a song… and ended with a smile!


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