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Some days I am just trying to find the real me, my core… my soul.  Soul searching… every now and then it seems the two worlds collide leaving me lost, forgetting who I am and why I am here. Just for a moment I was here and then gone, as if there never was a me. No conscious thought or soul searching can tether me to this world or the next.

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There is a theory that long before our time on earth our soul writes a letter and sends it to the winds until we become one with the words that are written. I’m not quite sure if that is the beginning or the end. So for now I give you this poem of sorts.

soul searching 2


Soul Searching… for me


A long time ago
Before there was a me
My soul wrote a letter
Of what my life would be
It was written with the stars
And grew within the trees
Flowing with the rivers
To the places I would be
The winds blew softly
And the sky opened wide
The matters of a heart
The world could not hide

Some time ago
There was a little me
I knew nothing of this letter
So small I could not see
Just where my life would lead
Or who this me could be
The clouds did whisper
As wings rushed by
The winds blew again
As thoughts fell from the sky
The letter formed a ring
And this me began to cry

As years flew by
This me did hide
So scared of many things
The darkness
and the light
kept me out of sight
I wiled away the hours
Some tears were shed for sure
Thoughts that held the power
Of promises assured
My heart did break
And me could fight no more

A tiny thing
This me once was
So soft and pure
I gave my best
Put life to rest
Beside the crashing shore
The letter’s words were scattered
The wind rushed by
Wings picked me up
And held me tight
My heart soared high
And me would be no more


soul searching


I do believe that my soul has a message and one day I will understand.


It started with a song…

For now I leave you with this beautiful music by Grayshot… an Alt-Pop group from Minneapolis, Minnesota that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to lately! If you haven’t heard of them yet, have a listen… your ears will thank you! Please share the music!



For more info about Grayshot and their music please follow the links below.






Thanks so much for reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

It started with a song…
….. and ended with a smile!




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